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  1. Might have something to do with the school yeah. Mine is a private boarding school so there might be a lot of pressure from parents as well. Classes are also smaller and there is one teacher for every two students. We also didn't really ever get hit with covid because it's a boarding school so that might have had a big impact.
  2. Nobody has dropped out in my school, not for the past two years, same thing goes from my old school (switched from an international school to a boarding school). One or two people have switched from the IB to the german Abitur, if that can be considered dropping out, but that was in the transition from MYP to DP, so I would not concider that dropping out. I guess they just decided IB wasn't for them.
  3. Hey guys, I wanted to write my EE on the applicability of economics on the real world, however, I don't know how to limit my idea, since there is no way I can talk about or examine the entirety of economic theory within an Extended Essay. Any topic areas that you guys believe would be easiest to examine or limit my EE to? Is something as broad as macro or microeconomics reasonable or should I take it any narrower? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. If you are as good at math as you claim then you should be able to survive. (Not necessarily do well) And if your school is like mine then you can take an HL down to SL and vice versa for a couple of months after starting the 11th grade (DP Year 1). Spanish might be annoying for you in the first year and I might consider taking it out if you aren't good at it/enjoy it. Problem is that because of the two classes you are forced to take as HL you basically have to take two other HL's in order to "Customize" your IB to the thing you want to study. But if I were you and your school let's you
  5. Thank you for the feedback, I'll definitely take into account your advice!
  6. Hey guys, I was recently brainstorming ideas for a history IA quetion/topic and came up with this: "To what extent was the German Campaign of 1813 a catalyst for German unification?" I was wondering if this is a good topic, if it is too vague or broad, etc. Or if you guys think it might be hard to write about or approach. I Have only done a broad collection of sources so far so it would be quite helpful to have your opinions before I start most of the actual work on my IA. If you guys have any sources about this topic or anything else that is useful that would obviously also be greatly ap
  7. Doing HL Bio and HL Chemistry is a good start. Don't add HL maths to this or you might be in some trouble. Instead just do those two sciences HL, and physics SL. I don't think languages or group 3 are very important for medicine but you might want to look into it.
  8. Doing the 10th grade at a regular school should not affect your entrance into DP at all. At least in all IB schools I have heard of/been to.
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