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Hiiiii! I hope everyone is alright

I'm starting DP this month (on the 15th) and I haven't been able to choose my topic/subject yet, I was hoping you could help me out a bit?
I previously did myp and choosing my personal project topic was hell so I really don't want to have the same experience with EE

I love science, and I'll be taking bio and chem SL (my school doesn't offer any science at HL) but I have heard it's quite hard and I'm really hoping for a high score (hopefully above 40) at the end of the program, so I'm kinda worried that I'll need HL knowledge

I'm great at maths but I don't imagine doing a whole paper on them (Math analysis SL)

In HL I'll be taking Global Politics, Spanish A L&L and English A L&L
Global politics idk nothing about it, Spanish is my native language and I'm decent at English, I like languages but I rather do something on science but I'm afraid it's too hard

What would you advise me? Or if you could share your experience I'd truly appreciate that

Thank youuu and have a great day!

(Ik it's confusing, thank you for your time :) )

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