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Found 21 results

  1. 28 downloads

    sample A, 10/10 tok exhibition disclaimer : THIS IS NOT MINE! OFFICIAL SAMPLE PUBLISHED BY IBO
  2. Guys could you please take a moment to fill out my math IA survey. Here is the link: https://forms.gle/oy8qgy75VRzJA2RTA
  3. for my 11th finals in IB, i got a total of 33/42 which is terrible according to me. i usually used to get like 35-37 but my final grades just dropped for sm reason. HOW IMP ARE THESE FINAL GRADES? DO I STILL HAVE A CHANCE OF GETTING GOOD PREDICTED SCORES??
  4. hey guys i'm in the process of setting an idea for my maths ia and could use some help i have a decent idea about modelling where i model the worlds highest jump and the worlds longest jump. then i will also find the area of both to determine which jump is bigger( idea was inspiration from a video) i could really get your advice and any tips because i have never done a modelling ia before any advice on if the maths would be sufficient and any tips to expand it if not also with desmos am i allowed to autofill a line for me that plots my points thankyou
  5. Just incase anybody wanted to know the average grades/scores that students internationally receive in IB, I've found a PDF with statistics from IBO - this is the most recent PDF I could find and the statistics have been taken from the May 2016 session. I've listed the page numbers of some information depending on what you may want to check - Page 9: Extended Essay statistics Page 10: TOK statistics Page 16: Statistics on number of points awarded to candidates Page 17 to Page 22: All subject grade distributions (including mean grade + % of candidates r
  6. Hi! I need help to find a good topic for the ib Math exploration HL. I want to have a 20/20 mark. PLEASE HELP MEEE!!!! Let´s do a brainstorm together!!! All the answers are ok. You don´t need to think a lot. THNAK YOU.
  7. I'm thinking about doing the IB Extended Essay on the History of Science, what do you think ??? Specific issues that might be a good idea? Thank you in advance.
  8. I need help with this problems. If you know have to do one of them please give me the answers. Thanks. ejercicios de aplicaciones de la derivada paper 1.pdf ejercicios de diferenciación paper 1.pdf ejercicios de diferenciación paper 2.pdf
  9. Hi! Is there any kind spirit out there who knows when the schedule for the May exams 2017 will be released?
  10. http://xmltwo.ibo.org/publications/DP/Group6/d_6_theat_tsm_1408_1/pdf/Example05_report_en.pdf Above is a link to a Task 2 example published by IB. On the first page, the student cites Wikipedia. In schools in the U.S., we are taught never, under any circumstance, to cite Wikipedia. Is this the same in other countries? If so, why does IB consider it to be a reliable source?
  11. Hey all, So my parents are thinking of moving me to another school for my IBDP, but I like my current school. I'd love some of your thoughts on which school is "better". Current School: -IB Average of 30, though this year it's a predicted 35 (predicted). -Alumni have attended NYU, Berkeley, UCLA, Several Russell Group Unis, Parsons, but not Ivies/Oxbridge. -Does not offer English Lit. -Lots of friends, therefore more CV/CAS opportunities. -The CAS teacher wants me to lead a community service event next year, I'll create a program for our students and we'll travel to an island and do so
  12. Hey all, I'm going to take the DP next year, but I'm still not sure about my subject choices. So far this is what I have, but I've been thinking about changing some subjects. English A Lit HL Indonesian A Lit SL Math SL Biology HL Psychology HL Theatre SL Corporate law is one of my possible university majors, so my counsellor said I should take BM (instead of theatre), but I've heard that it's considered a "soft" subject, is it true and if so would taking Econ be better? I took theatre because I want to take a post-grad in theatre directing, and I genuinely enjoy theatre -- would BM/Econ
  13. I'm sitting in May 2015 exam at this moment I have a strong feeling that I'm not going to pass the ib and receive diploma. I believe that my overall score is considered as passing but not for my HLs (according to my predicted scores). If that is the case, am I going to get ib certificate for each individual subjects instead of diploma? and also will my grade transcript show a "passing or failing" thingy? Thank you!
  14. What should be part of a perfect Pre-IB program according to you? I'm doing research on this topic If you could answer this survey that would be great: http://goo.gl/forms/UA6nahzYW8
  15. Hey guys! I'm new here. So glad I found this site! Anyways, I have a question on my HL subjects. I do HL English, Biology and ITGS. I'm just wondering what type of exams I will sit. I mean will I sit one SL exam and one HL exam? Or how will it be? Cuz I want to start looking at some past papers but i dont know whether I should look at the SL and HL papers for my HL subjects or should I just look at the HL ones? Thanks!
  16. My classmates and I are planning to write an official complaint to the IBO about our school after final exams. Thigs like not completing the full curriculum, doing works in Language A that are in the wrong category, not providing teachers with IB qualifications, and so on. But, one group didn't do the Group 4 Project, the teacher just gave them marks based on how much he likes the students. This is a huge thing and the teacher would definitely face consequences if the IBO found out, but what about the students? Would their diplomas be revoked or something? We really want this ****ty, ****ty sc
  17. Hi there, I decided to go for an Extended Essay in IB History and since I'm very much into Economics I decided to combine both of them into one essay. Now my question: are the following RQs narrow enough to be actually accepted by the IBO? I have written outlines for both of them already. "To what extend was the stock market crash of 1929 predictable?" "Which factors contributed the most to the foundation of the US federal reserve banking system in 1913?" Cheers, Max I guess I can answer myself now. I think "To what extend was the policy of the US federal reserve responsible for the stock mark
  18. Hi All, my school is new to the IB and I am a little unsure about the IA deadlines set by the IBO. Ie. when they need the work. Please could you help me out! Thank you so much! !
  19. Hi. I'm really confused as to whether students are allowed to use the latest 3rd edition question banks or not. Some of the students at my school use the QB's, but the program is pirated (they din't buy them). Is that allowed? Some people asked said the IBO could deny you a diploma if they found out, other people said its completely allowed. So what is it? Thanks for any info! PS: If its allowed, does IBsurvival allow posting links to sites that have the pirated files?
  20. Hey! I've heard from a lot of people (including a couple of my teachers) that the IBO might stop the whole "extended essay" from next year. Is it true?
  21. Hi! Does anyone know when the official History IA deadline, set by ibo, is? (Thanks a lot!!)
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