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  1. So so glad it helped a bit, good luck with DP! <3
  2. Hi hiiii, so my school works kinda different (in terms of which subject are given and that we are able to chose) but I'll tell you what they told me before starting this school year (I'm DP 1 year) 1. Taking bio and chem HL must be a great option! As far as I know there is a biochemistry topic so it would come in handy to be in bio, but beyond that they are quite close, if you understand chemistry most things in biology will come much more easier and you'll have more knowledge on both as they complement each other. Now academically speaking it must be quite rough (I'm doing both bio and
  3. Hiiiii! I hope everyone is alright I'm starting DP this month (on the 15th) and I haven't been able to choose my topic/subject yet, I was hoping you could help me out a bit? I previously did myp and choosing my personal project topic was hell so I really don't want to have the same experience with EE I love science, and I'll be taking bio and chem SL (my school doesn't offer any science at HL) but I have heard it's quite hard and I'm really hoping for a high score (hopefully above 40) at the end of the program, so I'm kinda worried that I'll need HL knowledge I'm great at math
  4. Hmm I'm not sure honestly but I hope not, that would be quite unfair and most schools I know take only the DP program without MYP. Don't worry, for now the only thing you can do is prepare and do your best, you'll do great, I'm sure you'll enter!
  5. Hiiii! Sorry I'm a bit late I really don't know how to help you because in my school IB is mandatory so we didn't take any exams, we pretty much just were in the program, but I finished myp this year and my general tips for exams (idk how the entrance exams are but I truly hope this helps) would be: Learn the IB command terms (google them up and make sure you understand them and the differences between one and another) Don't just study for the exams but rather to learn and acquire skills, just in case you are very nervous or something on the exams day, if you practiced for a lo
  6. Hiiii, sorry I'm late, if I'm not wrong yes, you can take IB DP without having taken map previously, good luck :)!
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