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Requesting advice/assistance on deciding a topic and research question for my EE in History


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Initially, I wanted to do a Bio EE, however the topics I had in mind (the affects of shoeing on the joints of horses & other biomechanical ideas) were not viable as they were too tricky or I could not get enough primary research for them.

However I've shifted my views to History as it has quite a range of potential topics...
I have many ideas however I am struggling to narrow them down, and or, choose a definite topic and thereafter question.

- I'm interested in the psychology behind historical events... (the cause)
- I am interested in dark cases
- I'm interested in exploring potentially 'taboo' topics

These feel rather vague, however if anybody has any ideas or suggestions (perhaps EE topics they would have liked to do but did not) or advice it would be hugely appreciated!
Have an amazing day, wherever you are! :')

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