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  1. Initially, I wanted to do a Bio EE, however the topics I had in mind (the affects of shoeing on the joints of horses & other biomechanical ideas) were not viable as they were too tricky or I could not get enough primary research for them. However I've shifted my views to History as it has quite a range of potential topics... I have many ideas however I am struggling to narrow them down, and or, choose a definite topic and thereafter question. - I'm interested in the psychology behind historical events... (the cause) - I am interested in dark cases - I'm interested in exp
  2. Hey everybody. More questions for subject selections for IB next year, like a lot of other people who are going through this process as well. I'm kind of interested in pursuing law in the future, but I'm not entirely sure as to what subjects I should take in order to make me a good applicant for law as well as give me a high, solid IB score. Law is also kind of vague, which to be honest, it makes it so much harder for me to pick out what I should do. The subjects I've picked out so far are: English Language and Literature HL French AB Initio Chemistry (Unsure if I should go with HL or SL,
  3. Hello everyone, I am a French-Canadian studying IB in Estonia; I need help to find some topics and ideas to make a great research question for my EE in biology. I thought I could do a simple experiment which would give me a sufficient amount of data; it must be simple because as you know, we have a lot more to do than just the EE haha . My field of interest includes food, bacteria, drugs, human and animal physiology, microbiology, medicine, hormones, immune system and enzymes. If you have any ideas for interesting topics, experiments or ideas to make a great research question, please let me kn
  4. Hi, I'm planning to write my EE based on my English B subject. I'm actually having quite a hard time forming a solid question, but I've thought of a couple of topics. - the book "No Longer Human" by Dazai Osamu. I could talk about how the author showcases the struggle of the main character, a social outcast, trying to fit in the society, before he decided to commit suicide. -"Animal Farm/1984" by George Orwell and how it reflects the modern society/government. Since I'm living in Thailand I'd mainly focus on the Thai politics. -How mental illness was portrayed by the show "13
  5. My CAS coordinator informed us that we need to write 500 words per reflection but I took an insight to some reflections suggested by the IB and they only had a few sentences. So my question is, do I really need to have 500 words? Also, does CAS require efficient planning and acting upon that plan (such as holding a formal dinner for the school) or can it be something I learn in a day?
  6. Hello everyone, I am planning on taking the IB Physics Exam next year, the only trouble is that there is only AP physics in my school. I have already talked with my IB coordinator and we have figured out how the Internal Assessment will be graded next school year. I have some sites and channels that might be able to teach me most of the content, yet I doubt that I will be able to find all I need. Can any of you recommend me what should I do, and sites and/or videos to learn and hopefully pass the exams next year?
  7. Hello! I'm an Indian IB student looking to study Engineering in the US. You see, I've researched a lot about potential universities but I'm still lacking some match and safety schools and I'm currently extremely doubtful whether the unis I have in mind are a good fit for my strengths. I'd love it if an educational counselor or anybody who knows the US admissions well could message me and help me out. Thank you in advance!
  8. Hi! I'm almost done with my Chemistry EE and although my EE supervisor says it is fine, I feel very doubtful about it. Although I can't post my EE here or share it with anyone for plagiarism reasons, I'd like to briefly talk with any IB teacher or IB graduate out there about my EE. Please message me. Thanks in advance!
  9. I need some help looking for some Ib Biology SL IA topics... To be honest i don't know where to start from so I just wanted to ask you for some suggestions about how should i start or what should i start looking for. I just need some suggestions or ideas so I can start looking up some ideas and formulate my questions
  10. Hi guys, So I'm starting to stress a little since I have to finish my EE proposal by tuesday and I'm yet unsure what topic/subject I should do it in. I know I'll be doing it in one of my HL subjects so therefore either English, Geography or Theatre however I haven't been able to decide which yet. Although we're often told to focus it on an area related to what we want to do in uni, I will be studying in spain where they don't take the topic of EE into consideration and therefore all that is valued is the points. Are there any subjects of those three that are perhaps easier to sc
  11. Hey! I'm done writing my Chemistry IA and would like a second opinion from someone who's not from my school. If anyone would be interested in reading my IA and giving my suggestions and feedback, please e-mail me at [cut]. Thanks!
  12. I am currently struggling with my extended essay on History, my topic is "Do dictators shares similar characteristics?" i will focus on MaoZedong (1893-1945) and Adolf hitler(1919-1933), i need to hand it in very soon, but i am still lost right now >< IS there any suggestions for my EE ?
  13. So I want to do an Extended Essay in English Literature on Lolita by Vladmir Nabokov. Any ideas about what parts of the book i should do it on? Should i do it as a standalone book or should i do comparitive with another? If so, what other book should i use?
  14. Hey guys, I'm facing a little problem with my History's Internal Assessment. I just started the Diploma approx. 2 months ago and I think now it's the best moment to know some opinions about it. My topic is: The Influence of J. Rockefeller's Legacy in the Great Depression My investigation question is: To what extent was J. Rockefeller's legacy important at facing the United States economical redevelopment after the Great Depression to the New Deal's beginning? In this regard, what do you think? What shall I do to improve it? Please! make any suggestion or even criticize it haha..
  15. I have found two topics I think would be interesting to do my Maths SL IA on. 1. The Devil's curve. Is writing an exploration of this curve too difficult at standard level? http://mathworld.wolfram.com/DevilsCurve.html The calculations look complicated at least.. So, what do you think? 2. Lissajous curves. These look cool but perhaps even more complicated than the devil's curve? Would it be suitable to do an IA on these curves? http://mathforum.org/mathimages/index.php/Lissajous_Curve It would be interesting to investigate why they look like they do and how and why they change when the p
  16. this is my first time and i thought of this research question. "How acidic are different types of canned coffee" is it okay or is it too dumb? cuz it sounds too dumb but i cant think of any other stuff thats not dumb. any brief suggestions of RQs? thanks;)
  17. Hey guys! (this is my first post). We're starting to narrow in our extended essay topics in school now and so far I have chosen English Lang. & Lit. Category 3 Extended Essay is Mass Communication and Media. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for a solid topic or research question I could do within this category and subject? Also, do you guys think it would be difficult to write an extended essay for English? My research says it's fairly decent + i'm interested in English. Some of my potential topics are: - Language in propaganda posters. - Stereotypical gender roles in ma
  18. Hi there. Does anybody out there have a sort-of have a recommendation for subject choices? I'm trying to figure out which courses I should take but I don't even have an idea as to what I want to do in the future, so I would like to keep options wide as possible. I've considered law, but I'm not entirely sure. For the subjects I want/have to do are: Psychology HL Math SL French AB Initio English Language & Literature HL Chemisty HL I'm not entirely sure what my final option should be since the rest of the subjects I have to choose from are kind of crummy. (They are: Biology, Physics, IT
  19. Hi everyone! We are currently trying to get our IB school back in Karlskrona, Sweden and already have a page long list of why the city should have an IB program, but we just wanted to know what everyone thought and if we've missed anything? So, why do you feel IB is a good choice and how do you feel it will benefit you?
  20. Hello IBSurvival! So I just started to think about my EE and I was hoping you guys could help me out ! In order to help me, I would like you to please think about one or to two topics (the more the better) that really interest you in History. I don't need anything too specific nor want you to write my research question or anything, just suggestions about what part of History I could write my essay on. For instance, "Modern Egyptian History" would be an example. Simply a topic that you specially like, and from there I will look into it and keep researching. PLEASE try to narrow it down to
  21. Hello, I decided that I am going to take compsci for my college major and I need help in trying to decide whether I should dual major+minor, dual major or just take a minor. What do you think would be a useful course to take with compsci? I am interested in economics, finance, business, math, and physics. If you are interested in my IB courses, for HL I have Math, compsci and econ and for SL I have mandarin, English, and physics. Thanks a lot in advance! Any suggestions would help a ton!
  22. Hiya guys, I’m constructing an IB playlist of songs to motivate and get me through studying/ hard times. So I was wondering if you guys could give me a few suggestions of songs to add to my list. Here are my top motivation songs 'Music artist - Song name format': Destiny’s child - survivor gloria gaynor - i will survive (anthem) Dappy – No regrets Mika – Elle me dit (French song means she tells me) / All american Rejects – move along Whitney Houston - it's not right but it's ok Genre doesn't matter. Songs can be in English and French. What are your suggestions?
  23. Do you guys think that "Spectral Analysis of a solar cell" is a good physics EE? I'll analyze the energy output of a solar cell as i input lights with different spectrum into the cell. Suggest a way to improve the experiment if you can? Tnxs
  24. Hi! I'm still choosing my topic. I'm doing it on Physics. These are my three final topics but could you help me choose them, thanks! If you have any other suggestions, that would be great too! How does the temperature affect the magnet's strength? How does the color affect heating of water? How does the temperature affect the lift decay of a helium balloon?
  25. Hello, I'm right now beginning my research for my EE which I'm planning on doing it on Frankie Knuckles' history and his impact during the 80s till 2014. I tried using the search sites the IB recommended to find sources, but I unfortunately had no luck.... Is there any alternatives? Thanks! Sogyal
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