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Im in grade 11 but i think im not smart enough for the ib- my grades have been dropping ever since I came to an ib school and I recently failed my exam leaving me feeling hopeless - this isnt the first time failing this year

no matter how much i study i barely get B's while all my friends get straight A's and get academic awards

Should i quit the ib? i don't know what to do 

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Have you considered changing how you study since it seems to not be very effective? I would recomment things like study groups or getting together with your friends that write good grades and learning from them since there has to be something they are doing right. Studying is a skill in itself and you have to learn how to study and also have to figure out how to study for yourself since everyone likes and learns best differently. You can always check your knowledge inbetween actual exams by asking your teachers for practice exams or looking online for resources to evaluate how your studying is doing and using that to make sure you're not falling behind. My top tip would definitely to work with your classmates and teachers, ask what they do, try it out, study with them, ask them questions and ask them for advice. Do loads of practice questions and ask your teachers for practice questions since they will be similar to what you will get in exams and prepare you. 

Studying is also different for each subject, math is more revision and review and practice problems, english (depending on if its lang or lang lit) is more essay writing skills or knowledge and anaylsis of the books you are reading in class, economics is a mix between knowledge and pure revision and practice exams. Ask your teachers what they recommend you do and try it out, use all the resources available to you in order to do best. Your teachers and your friends are there to support you. 

Hope this helps. 

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