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Do IB teachers have access to IB's official past papers?


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On 12/6/2022 at 1:19 PM, IBstudent678 said:

Basically my question is, do teachers have to pay for past papers? Or can they access it as long as they're affiliated with an IB school?

I asked my teacher about this and she said she can't access the past papers which is why I'm slightly confused

In theory, they should be able to access a limited amount of past papers for free, as long as your school is registered as an IB World School… Or at least that’s what I’ve heard from my teachers. 
Note, however, that they might want to keep them for Mock exams or similar, which might be the reason why they are not wanting to give you access (this is what is currently happening in my school). 
Hope this was somewhat helpful. Greetings! 

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