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Wigging out about balancing the IB and my life


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Okay, so. I got accepted to the IB this year and am going to start high school this fall. However, and don’t make fun of me for this, despite being like 14 I have a boyfriend, and hobbies, and friends. None of which have anything to do with the program. Thing is, I don’t want to sacrifice my teenage years for a good score on the IB test, or give everything up for a chance at MIT. I want to be happy outside of school, and knowing myself, my time management skills, and my pending adhd test result, i might end up absolutely drowning in schoolwork and losing the social life, or doing animation and talking to my friends and then consequently flunking out of school. It’s scaring me, actually. When I applied to the school I’m going to attend, just sending it in the mail was an accomplishment to me. I never expected to get accepted and now I’m freaking out a little. Especially since my research on the IB program has looks to me that almost everyone regrets it by the time they graduate college. Seeing so many people regretting it and complaining is making me doubt if this would be worth the sacrifice. If anyone has any advice, please tell me! Anything helps!

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Hi! I started the IBDP last September. At least to me, IB is not as difficult as many people make it seem. Although the workload is quite significant, having a stable study routine makes it much easier. Make sure you are proactive when it comes to learn (try to always do the "recommended" homework), and try not to procrastinate. Even on days without homework, try to spend a couple of hours revising what you did in class or reading about the next topics. This habit may sound somewhat exaggerated ("If I have got a free day, why should I spend time studying?"), but it has been key to me throughout the whole year. 

If you follow this routine, the two years should not be much of a problem (although, remember, you are preparing for university and competing against other students, so expect having to work intensively during certain time periods). You will for sure be able to continue to spend time doing what you enjoy. Just make sure you work consistently. Also, the EE and CAS are actually easier than they seem, it is only a matter of starting early! 

This is all I can say, I still have not finished my first year... 😅

Hope this helped! If you've got any other question, just ask! 

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