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What do I do?


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Hi guys, I am student from India. I completed my MYP with average scores. The subject which I took is  Math AI HL, Physics HL and Chemistry HL. I am half way through my IBDP. My grades are very low. Low means very low like failing. I put in all my effort to studying but hasn't reflected in my grades. I don't know what to do anymore like I am losing confidence in me. I have to decide if I repeat my year in any other curriculum or IB but changing the course. Or should I just continue and try again. I need advice  

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@NeedHelp1 Firstly, you've chosen an extreme combination of subjects for your Higher Levels. If you are consistently struggling, consider dropping at least one of the sciences to SL and changing a Humanities subject to HL. Secondly, I would stop taking notes in class and focus on listening to the content. For many students this is a game changer because you actually "learn" the content. All IB subjects have summaries online, so really there is no need to be making notes in the first place. Rather focus on learning and then using what you have learned to answer questions. If you want to hear some more of my tips; have a read through this blog I wrote about 10 things I wish I knew when I started IB (https://alumnibtutors.com/blog) it should help you. 

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