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  1. Hey @Jowks, even though I never took Biology in IB, your research question seems too narrow in my opinion. I think you need to find a question that is broad enough for you to analyse over the course of approximately 35-40 pgs. Have a read over my blog: https://alumnibtutors.com/blog in particular point 10, as it highlights what is important to look out for when writing an EE and why it is important for you to be passionate about it.
  2. @NeedHelp1 Firstly, you've chosen an extreme combination of subjects for your Higher Levels. If you are consistently struggling, consider dropping at least one of the sciences to SL and changing a Humanities subject to HL. Secondly, I would stop taking notes in class and focus on listening to the content. For many students this is a game changer because you actually "learn" the content. All IB subjects have summaries online, so really there is no need to be making notes in the first place. Rather focus on learning and then using what you have learned to answer questions. If you want to hear so
  3. Hey @daniellaaaa could I join the whatsapp group chat? Could you provide me with a link?
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