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Ways to study math?


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I dont know if you already know of this channel, but I found it to be very helpful due to the resources and tips it goes over. In addition, if you want ot really take your math to another level, you could consider purchasing Revision Village, which is an IB resource for AI and AA students. It offers a complete and comprehensive array of countless problems with individual explanations for each one. In my opinion, it is the single best math resource you can buy, however, it is paid, so it may not suit everyone, despite being a one time payment. I hope you get something out of either of these suggestions! Here is the link to the youtube channel, check out the liked video in specific:

Youtube channel: 


Resources video:



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In my opinion, Revision village and OSC are the best channels on youtube to get help from. The best way to study for me is watching videos and doing past papers (that's if you're studying for a final). You can easily find past papers by searching for them and downloading them. 

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