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Is it worth it to switch from IB DP to IB CP?


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I am in ninth grade and I am in the diploma program for IB but I am looking at the curriculum and think that it is not the one for me. I am stronger in math and science and the diploma program looks to have more to do with literature and how you think. I want to do something around engineering which is what my schools career path offers. I just want to know if it is truly worth it to switch out or is it the same type of curriculum? Will colleges still view it the same, and which do you view is harder? Thanks

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huh. Prior to watching the IB video about the Career Program, I hadn't actually heard of it. But from what I've seen, the career related program is targeted towards individuals wanting to go into business, finance, media, industry, etc. at a very early stage. This, however, may mean that you get taught Physics HL and Maths HL in less depth compared to the traditional IB DP.

Also, I don't know where you heard that the IB diploma program is "literature based" lol. Sure, there is a lot of writing involved, but it isn't "literary" writing. If you take 2 sciences at Higher Level and Maths HL you'll find your diploma incredibly mathematically and scientifically focused. 

The IB program if you take 2 sciences and maths hl is by no means literary. The only subjects that I'd class as wordy would be English and Business Management, with BM being quite straightforward to write about and to the point rather than English. BM of course has topics like finance and is heavily analytical, with analysis being much more heavily marked than any writing. I've written a practice Business SL IA, and the writing style and way of writing the essay doesn't matter as much as the structure and content. English in IB does get quite "literary", of course, but everything else is fairly easy. 

Chemistry, Physics, and Maths HL are quite mathematical (especially physics and maths) with lots of data analysis in physics and chemistry, and mathematical reasoning to be shown in maths and physics IAs. 

However, due to the academic rigour of the IB when taking 2 sciences, I doubt the career related program is as difficult or explores topics to the same depth that the traditional IB diploma program does. For this, I doubt colleges would respect the CP as much as a DP with 2 sciences and Maths AA HL. If you're going into the sciences in university, you should ideally explore maths HL and two sciences in higher level in the DP because the depth of the content is likely larger.

You'd still have to do TOK, but with enough help from others (this is assuming you're not good at writing) you can still get it done properly.

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