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Math IA Idea Giveaway

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So I have this idea for a Math IA but I've already completed mine so it's kind of useless for me.

A statistical exploration on the amount of time required for IAs. For example, the ESS IA "requires" 10 hours of instruction + work time. Math IAs "require" 30 hours of instruction + work time. Obviously ask your seniors and you KNOW it doesn't work like that. I've probably spent 100+ hours on each IA. The way this can be carried out is like you ask alumni from your school and other school, or even ibsurvival, how long it approximately took them to complete a named IA, along with the grade. You don't need anyone's name and stuff, just the subject, time, and grade. Then make a scatter plot, see if there's a correlation between grade and time spent, and carry out a statistical test to see if IB's estimations on time are accurate for someone who's aiming for a 6 and above or something.

Hopefully, that'll help teachers know how long it actually takes to do IB work, and thus how busy and overworked we actually are.

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