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  1. So I have this idea for a Math IA but I've already completed mine so it's kind of useless for me. A statistical exploration on the amount of time required for IAs. For example, the ESS IA "requires" 10 hours of instruction + work time. Math IAs "require" 30 hours of instruction + work time. Obviously ask your seniors and you KNOW it doesn't work like that. I've probably spent 100+ hours on each IA. The way this can be carried out is like you ask alumni from your school and other school, or even ibsurvival, how long it approximately took them to complete a named IA, along with the grade. Y
  2. Oh no. My English EE supervisor did the same, and it was soo frustrating. Also, I like your topic; it's interesting. I don't know much about Physics EEs though, because I don't even have the Physics subject. Maybe you can see what other people have done on the same topic with a Google Scholar search like this one: https://scholar.google.co.in/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C5&q=surface+temperature+and+static+friction&btnG= Another option would be to use your data as a larger part of something else. Start thinking by what the implications for your data are. Like, maybe the tempe
  3. I guess you can still give them a quick read. I mean, it's two pages per part right? It takes me about 1.5 to 2 minutes to read them for each chapter, so within an hour a quick read of all should be done. I think by removing CUEGIS, they've removed the research we have to do on an organization. I don't know if the concepts will still be used or not.
  4. Do you have a university in mind? If so, contact them or alumni to see what works best for them. Also get in touch with your IB school career counsellor.
  5. My old school average at Cs in IGCSE. However, some of us managed to graduate with A+ averages. And when the average isn't that huge of a difference (less than 5 points), your grade will depend less on which school and more on how efficiently you work and how much time you're willing to put into school. One-on-one support is a huge boon, trust me. Especially in some IB subjects. Also, I think your school is fine for you because your English is pretty good considering it's your first year! However, there could be other factors you haven't mentioned here such as tuition and the gener
  6. Ahh I'm so glad I could help! You don't have to feel sorry! That's great! Do you have access to past papers? Or does your teacher give practice worksheets from question banks? If not, it would be a good idea to contact them and ask. Especially because you've recognized that the exam-style is causing this discrepancy in grades. Keep it up! Also, I forgot to mention last time, but if you like to study by listening instead of just reading, there are a few great teachers on Youtube with comprehensive revision videos like my personal favorite, Hache Miranda. All the best!
  7. I don't know too much about the bilingual diploma, or about the universities that you're planning to go to. I'll be doing uni in India, and here the bilingual diploma doesn't matter much unless you're pursuing language. It's obviously different in other countries. Those are great HL choices! I agree- you shouldn't take French B HL then. Hmm... Is there someone at your new school, like a career counsellor or someone you can get in touch with? They'll be most in touch with university requirements and such.
  8. What about French B HL? Because learning Spanish when you speak French is a tough job. Spanish ab initio wants the accent and the spellings and everything. I'd suggest that you listen to someone speaking in Spanish, just to be prepared to move your mouth to the language. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htr_DmuYZhw) Why don't you ask your school about taking French B HL? At the B HL level, you'll be writing longer essays and stuff- In French A, you'll have a lot more analytical stuff in formal academic language, which generally isn't the type of language you learn as conversational.
  9. For Math, practice really hard. You could get a Revision Village Gold Subscription, or ask your teacher for extra practice questions. I got a 2 in Math AI HL in dp1 but my dad sat with me and made me practice every week during my summer vacation, and I just got a 6 in the first set of exams for dp2. I spent about 5-7 hours per week on Math. I have Business too (my school doesn't allow BM and Econ together though) but I have SL. My only strategy has been to read the Paul Hoang textbook, and practice the questions from that. I do roughly half of the questions from each chapter. I don't
  10. So I just got all my grades for my subjects. For a year 1 exam. And they're not that good. I put in so much of work. I studied for hours. I spent at least 30 hours on my art submission. Another at least 20 hours on each subject. And now I feel horrible. I feel like my work is pointless. I don't ever feel like working hard again cause what the point if all it'll get me is a freaking low 6?! Six is not a bad grade; I know. And my school grades us harshly to make us study more. But I just feel demotivated. I worked so hard... Harder than I did for my IGCSEs and now I just... I hat
  11. You're quite right about the first topic being common. It's awesome that you absolutely love the topic, but it can come across as cliché. UNLESS you put your own spin to it. Maybe optimizing the shape for usability in a specific situation, like an airplane's cockpit or a mountain biker's pocket, where the bottle should be easy to access and use, but also maximize volume within the constrains of the pocket/cockpit setting. Other situations can include: relief packages, first-aid kits, etc. You could also add how the solution would be relevant to you. You could say that you take a particula
  12. Mine is just my and my siblings' first name initials in order. I also go by the same username with 14 (ZBSA14) on my Pinterest and Wattpad account.
  13. Alan Gratz's novels are great in giving you plot twists. I haven't read all of them, but Refugee and Grenade are my favorite. Also The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Historical fiction. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is awesome sci-fi. Also, I haven't read any of these, but searching on Google helps: https://www.buzzfeed.com/lincolnthompson/37-books-with-mindblowing-plot-twists
  14. 1. I don't think your topic has to relate to any ESS chapter, just a global ESS issue. 2. a) How can food wastage be reduced at the lunchroom's of [school's name]? OR b) What factors contribute to the wastage of lunch food at [school's name]'s cafeterias? 3. For both RQs, use surveys with stratified random sampling. a) ask if the student buys lunch from school, how much of the lunch the student eats, what parts they consistently leave out, and if the cafeteria can make any changes to quality, quantity, menu, etc. Give a solution to the cafeteria in your conclusion. b) as
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