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Help Please! EE Regarding Magnets and Eddy Current Braking


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I was wondering if I could get some help regarding my Physics EE? I am examining how changing the mass of a copper plate at the end of a pendulum effects the stopping distance of that plate when passing through a horseshoe magnet directly beneath it. Due to the changing magnetic field the copper plate is temporarily magnetized which generates a secondary magnetic field. This secondary field resists the one that induced it and slows down the copper plate. 

I am having trouble with my hypothesis and determining what will happen. I was wondering if increasing the mass of the copper plate would increase its stopping distance due to the greater force acting on it, that being the gravitational force? Or would it be shorter. As acceleration is constant due to Newtons Second law, I am not certain how to approach the problem. Also, would the resisting force contributed by the induced magnetic field be proportional to the velocity? I am also mentioning the effect increasing the mass has on its net force in my background information and was wondering what I should mention?

Thank you so much for your help and guidance, I greatly appreciate it.

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