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IB Tutoring (from a May 2021 graduate: Exam-route)


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Hey everyone! I've created this topic earlier to discuss about tutoring in IB. Just putting it out there again as I have successfully graduated the IB programme with 40+ points (exam-route). I got a 7 in Math Analysis and Approaches HL, 7 in Economics HL and 7 in Chemistry SL. 

I am very passionate about Economics and Math in particular (Chemistry too ;)!) and would be glad to tutor you in any of these 3 areas if you're interested. 

I can also give you a detailed insight into the new Math syllabus (including Paper 3) and lots of practice to ensure you are adequately prepared for your school exams, mocks, and ultimately, the finals.   

Also, if you haven't taken these subjects (or even if you have), I would be glad to offer my help in TOK and Economics EE too (as I got an A in both).

Feel free to let me know if you're interested in doing this. Looking forward to hear from you guys soon! 

p.s I also have tonnes of resources to practice from and go through while I tutor. I will be available to answer any doubts/questions you have as well. I'm open to tutoring Math Applications and Interpretations HL and SL along with Economics SL too. 

Economics (7), Chemistry (7), EE (A).png

TOK (A).png

Math (7).png



Here's the link for more details (including services and subjects offered, pricing, etc): https://sites.google.com/view/vgradibtutoring/home

Note: The site is best viewed on desktop. Also, let me know if there is anything you cannot view or if you face any issues accessing the site.

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