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  1. Honestly, I think you should take whatever you can see yourself doing in the future. If you select one particular major, it might most likely only need 1 or a maximum of 2-3 IB subjects you've taken as the course requirements. Preferably, if you would like to take a major based on the subjects you've selected in IB, your HL subjects (such as business) might be seen as most appropriate for universities. However, this may not always be the case (as I've heard that for some majors such as economics, it is not a necessity to take economics as one of the IB subjects even if one would like to
  2. ¡Hola! No soy nativo en español y tomo español ab initio en IB. Pero puedo ayudarte y darte algunos consejos: 1. Mira videos o presentaciones de Youtube y toma notas sobre nuevos temas 2. Practique las preguntas de los libros de texto de Oxford 3. Practica trabajos anteriores 4. Anotar el folleto de datos Tomo el mismo tema que tú y me encanta. Si quieres que te enseñe, ¡estaría muy feliz de hacerlo! (Sorry if my Spanish is bad as I've taken Spanish ab initio SL and I'm still yet to learn a lot in the subject. Just in case I've conveyed something I do not m
  3. If anyone's interested in getting tutored in the subjects I mentioned previously, do let me know. Looking forward to hear from you guys!
  4. Hi there! In the IB Extended Essay Guide for Economics, the IB states: An important note on "double-dipping" "Students must ensure that their EE does not overlap significantly with any other work they are submitting for the Diploma Programme. For example, the data gathered for an economics EE should not be used to fulfil the requirements of internal assessment tasks in other subjects." Based on this, I think you can to a certain extent, but it's better not reuse large chunks of text from your EE to your IA. I think you should consult your teacher about this just to be sur
  5. I've sent you a message in chat. Do let me know if you've got it
  6. That's great to know! Sure, I would absolutely love to. I'll get back to you with the details soon. Thanks
  7. It seems to be alright now (I kept getting a message that stated, "You can't read it directly" for every post). Do let me know if you can see it now. Looking forward to your reply! Thanks
  8. Hey everyone! I've created this topic to discuss about tutoring in IB. I am currently nearing the end of the IB programme (year 12). Through the course, I have come to realise that three of my best subject areas (ranked from most) include: 1. Economics HL 2. Math Analysis and Approaches HL (Since the M21 batch will be the first trying out this new change to syllabus, I might cater to your needs the best if you're a M22 or later candidate. I could also let you know how the final exams would be like once I take it next year if you'd like ) 3. Chemistry SL
  9. Hi there! I'm currently an IB second year student (year 12) nearing the end of my IB programme. I have taken Math Analysis and Approaches HL. While I may not have "official" tutoring experience, I've done a fair amount in school and I'd be more than happy to assist and teach you concepts in AI HL. I'm really passionate about Math and I would especially love teaching it to others. Being an IB student myself, I think I can truly relate to your situation. If you're interested, do let me know. Looking forward to hear from you soon! 😄
  10. I'm glad you asked! I find the videos by Jason Welker particularly helpful in understanding all the theory. Here's the link if you'd like: https://www.youtube.com/user/welkerjason As I've mentioned earlier, the application is equally important. When I said news articles, I meant reading/watching the news everyday. If you find any news articles that are based on the concepts you have just learnt, try understanding the article, its causes, consequences and more. Some great resources for these are: The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/international BBC News: https://www.bbc.co
  11. Hey! Here are a few tips for you: 1. Read, read and read.... whenever you find any news articles related to Economics, try making connections back to concepts you have already learnt: This will help you better understand and apply concepts particularly for Paper 2 2. For Paper 3, practice all quantitative questions from the Ellie Tragakes textbook "Economics for the IB Diploma" .... This is a GREAT book that will help you understand and answer nearly all types of paper 3 questions [REMEMBER: always show every step while doing Mathematical calculations] 3. For Paper 1, learn all
  12. Hi there! Based on what you've said, I assume you need to show demand-deficient recession representing cyclical unemployment. It is always suggested to use the AD/AS model wherever possible. For the purpose of understanding, I have listed down below the main types of unemployment and possible graphs you could draw: - Cyclical Unemployment: Caused by either Demand-Deficient Recession (where the AD curve shifts below full employment levels on AD/AS classical model) or Negative Supply Shock (Stagflation) (where SRAS curve shifts to the left; a decrease in output as well as an increase in pri
  13. Hey everyone! It's great to be part of a community with fellow IB experts! I'm relatively new to this platform so feel free to suggest any feedback or any tips to consider while contributing. I'm currently in year 12 (second year of IB). One of the subjects I have taken is Economics HL. The one thing I've noticed was how time consuming I along with a few friends of mine who took the same subject found in writing down definitions for every key term while answering paper 1 questions and considering the current situation of coronavirus, the importance of this in IAs. So, I've created a
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