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Math in High level is pretty hard,  I am in Math applications and interpretation SL and i really like it, from 0-7 my grades are mostly 6. The exams are pretty nice beacuse you can have a calculator. If the rest of your subjects are kinda already too much you should stick with SL. 

Math AI SL in my case is basicly learning how to use those really advance calculators. 



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A friend of mine applied to Econ/Business major in Canada and US, and she did AI SL with no problems in her uni applications. I guess this depends on where you are applying to and your specific university requirements. After our May 2021 exams we made a Youtube video about our course selection. You can look at timestamp 4:21 of this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4II9Pe-1xWA&t=779s) where my friend explained her choice of doing AI SL instead of the other courses. 

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On 6/7/2021 at 2:19 PM, Kvng_remi said:

I want to study Business in university so I was recommended to do Math AI but at my school they only have it at SL. For AA they have both HL & SL. Which math should I pick


Math AA SL is the same as what used to be just Math SL, so that is what I would pick as it is more respected and accepted by more universities than Math AI (which is more similar to the former Mathematical Studies). Math AA HL is probably unnecessarily hard for what you want to do, but I did Math AA SL and found it to be challenging but okay overall. My school doesn't even offer Math AI because they claim it is not taken seriously. 

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