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  1. To be honest if there aren't any resources I really wouldn't do it. It's good to have many sources so you can also consult them when you get stuck. I had what I found a very complicated topic and even for that I could find many, many sources - this isn't a phd, so you don't need to revolutionise mathematical thinking, you just need to put a little individual twist on a topic that has been researched before. Maybe check out fractals? There are many cool applications of that.
  2. First of all if you are not going into science I would keep Biology at SL, HL is so much more work and people usually don't do particularly well. For History HL you do need good English, but I don't know if that would really be any different with Geography? History would definitely be a lot better for law.
  3. I'm not sure if investigating what is almost two different questions is a good idea. I'd take a look at the EE syllabus to know what they are exactly looking for and how you could optimise it and your whole essay
  4. To be honest in this case I think you would probably have to for it to make sense. But I'm not sure how well you would do on an essay based on a graphic novel - is there no way you can just base it on a normal novel with more words? That way your analysis might be a bit more in-depth and linked to the actual language used. That being said, examiners might like this creative choice - I just think it's quite risky and I would steer clear of a graphic novel for this task.
  5. My teachers told me to stay away from WS EE as it's hard to score well on. That being said, I think it doesn't matter so much what the other bullet points mean exactly - they just want you to find a way to consistently link the two or more disciplines in a way that makes sense and still makes the whole thing work together. I think here they are just saying that this linking can also be done with some kind of creative approach.
  6. Honestly while all those topics sound really interesting, I would focus on something that you can do well. Don't forget to show that you are creative, try different methods to find a result, and include lots of critical analysis at several intervals throughout your investigation. Maybe you could do something to do with fractals (wave, islands, etc) or some kind of modelling.
  7. I would try to be as good as done with the EE by the end of the summer! You will have zero time for that in DP2 except for a few finishing touches maybe. The IAs and TOK Essay should probably be finished by Christmas/end of the Christmas holidays. If you have any subjects where you've fallen behind it probably wouldn't be bad to catch up a bit, but I would spend the majority of the summer holidays on the EE and some IAs (I would finish maybe around 2, and definitely have topics and outlines for the rest). Hope this helps!
  8. I've heard that you don't actually need too many sources for the History IA. 5-6 good sources should be fine. Don't underestimate the importance of Section 1 and 3. If you're struggling to find sources you could look for old newspaper articles or check Jstor, they have many academic essays. Stay away from websites, especially if they don't disclose their sources.
  9. Make sure that you critically analyse sources and consider their values/limitations throughout the essay. Also make sure to stay on the point, for history they basically grade you based on how rigorous your argumentation is - no tangents, no unnecessary extra info (even if it's interesting). Answer the question, stay focused! Also don't underestimate the importance of the EE reflections - they are worth a 6th of your EE grade!
  10. The main thing that you have to do for the bio IA aside from do the experiment is explain biologically what's happening - that is basically all the introduction and the conclusion is about. I don't know exactly what you would write about there for this experiment, especially as it doesn't really seem to remotely link to anything in the biology syllabus. Maybe it would be better if you looked at germinating/growing seeds/roots/etc or enzyme denaturation in fried eggs or something like that.
  11. I would recommend doing anything practical! My teachers have always recommended plant-physiological such as germinating/growing seeds. That is something you should also be able to do at home.
  12. Math AA SL is the same as what used to be just Math SL, so that is what I would pick as it is more respected and accepted by more universities than Math AI (which is more similar to the former Mathematical Studies). Math AA HL is probably unnecessarily hard for what you want to do, but I did Math AA SL and found it to be challenging but okay overall. My school doesn't even offer Math AI because they claim it is not taken seriously.
  13. At the time I was also considering a math IA in game theory but my math teacher advised me against it saying that many examiners don't really understand game theory and therefore grade math IAs based on that more harshly - if you still have the time to change it, I would advise something like fractals (for math AA) or modelling. You could also look at how elections work with various probability distributions.
  14. They tell you to only do an EE in maths if you are really, really passionate about maths - I'm not sure that's the case if you're only doing it at SL. There's also an IA in maths so maybe you could do probability there if that's something you're particularly interested in. But if you choose to go ahead with this topic, right now it's really general. Basic probability will probably be too simple so you will want to go into more detail than that. At the same time it can't be too vague, but should go above and beyond the syllabus (so you should be familiar with the IB syllabus regarding pro
  15. I've heard that doing an EE in several subjects usually doesn't work out too well - in general, maybe you could specify "eating habits" a bit more, also make sure that you have lots of sources and statistics for the specific thing you choose the IB also has an EE syllabus for different subjects as well as generally, so that might be worth checking out
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