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English A or Chinese A

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I live in New Zealand for four years and I will begin the life of IB next year (2021) 

And so far my subject  choices are: 

Chinese A, English B, Chemistry, AI (math), Art and Psychology 

However, many of my friends told me Chinese A is more difficult compares to English A, and they suggested me to change my subjects as they think it's easier to get 7 in Chinese B.

English is my second language but...eh... I haven't choose any subject that relates to Chinese after I came to NZ. 

So, should I choose Chinese A or English A? 


P.S. My English result is over average and my Chinese was pretty good before I came to NZ


Many thanks :)

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It all depends on your Chinese skills, I am not chinese but, I know people who do Chinese A. Unless you you are comfortable of using chinese and analyze things like poem and literature works in Chinese. I seriously don't recommand it as Chinese A is all about analyzing and evaluating literature like English A.

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18 minutes ago, Lovellies said:

Thank you for your reply & advice:)


And Merry Christmas:))

You too and don't trust me too much as I never actually been in the class as I am doing Chinese B which is still difficult for many people.

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