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  1. Hey, I am planning to do this CAS project, where I will be designing and growing some crops (Herbs, microgreens, fruits and leaf greens) in the school green house. I am not sure if I should just sell the crops and use it for charity. Or should I use it for earning actual money. Which one is better?
  2. Hello, I had few questions about some of the requirement for the degrees I wanted to go into. I want to study biomedical science (aka medical science), medicine (Not my fav choice but, still in the list) and pharmacology. I wasn't sure which IB subjects I am suppose to choose and for Medicine/Biomedical science, do you need to have DP Bio HL and Chem HL or can you choose one HL and one SL?
  3. If you don't need it and don't want to do it. It isn't required. Its not like your School will force you to do CAS.
  4. Wait, one question. What do you specifically mean leave CAS. Can't you just don't do it? Or are you talking about when you are applying to university you don't want the CAS tto be seen?
  5. I was thinking of making an app with some other friends to help out foreign people in China to find hospitals and chinese medicine. I think if i want to do the startup, i need to give up my other plan which was doing 7IB subjects.
  6. Do you think it is worth it? Can you give me some advice of taking 7 subjects?
  7. I don't think you can get a re-predict and it al depends on which university in UK and what degree you are looking for. There are many universities in UK where they first see the IB grade. If the final IB score is higher and it gets a good grade than it would be alright. First question you should ask is What do you wanna study?
  8. I need to rewrite a fairytale in a modern point of view where I have the rewrite to criticize specific things like feminism, racism, etc. I am not sure what i should criticize, can anyone help me gives some ideas?
  9. You too and don't trust me too much as I never actually been in the class as I am doing Chinese B which is still difficult for many people.
  10. Princeton University: Economics Yale University: Biology Studies Stanford University: Chemical Engineering Harvard University: Pharmacy MIT: Chemistry What are the requirements for each of these (Including HL/SL grades, SAT, Subject grades) If anyone know about scholarship requirement (At least 50% scholarship) that would help as well 😃
  11. Our school is alllowing us to do ESS and some people said that ESS is really useless because it confuses the university for being too broad, Is it true?
  12. It all depends on your Chinese skills, I am not chinese but, I know people who do Chinese A. Unless you you are comfortable of using chinese and analyze things like poem and literature works in Chinese. I seriously don't recommand it as Chinese A is all about analyzing and evaluating literature like English A.
  13. From what I am aware, you must finish CAS to get a IB diploma. You can still get a your school's diploma without doing CAS as that woudn't be related to IB. Our CAS teacher did talk about how you must do CAS or you wouldn't get a IB diploma. However, if you want to get a normal Diploma, you don't need CAS as you can drop out from IB.
  14. Thank you, I think I will consider and research a bit. I maybe can't take IB Bio SL because there is only one person
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