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Physics IA- Unintended similarity!

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Hi everyone. I have been researching a topic for my physics IA for a while now, and have already got all my equipment + formula ready to start. To my shock though, after doing more research I found my experiment is quite similar to an example EE on the IB website, but only after I already started! I have never had any intention to copy, but I want to be sure it doesn't seem like I did. Thankfully, I believe my work is a big improvement on it.

Firstly, I derive many of the formulae the example simply states without explaining, showing my understanding of the concepts and explaining them step-by-step. The example and mine are trying to prove the same relationship (although the example does it indirectly), but my experiment and materials are generally better and should lead to more accurate results. The equipment I use for data collection is better (Vernier equipment rather than a phone like the example) and I plan to do much more data analysis and uncertainty analysis than the example, which did little of either.

Do you believe this is different enough? The last thing I want is to be accused of copying or get a low score after I did all the work!

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