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  1. Hi everyone. I have been researching a topic for my physics IA for a while now, and have already got all my equipment + formula ready to start. To my shock though, after doing more research I found my experiment is quite similar to an example EE on the IB website, but only after I already started! I have never had any intention to copy, but I want to be sure it doesn't seem like I did. Thankfully, I believe my work is a big improvement on it. Firstly, I derive many of the formulae the example simply states without explaining, showing my understanding of the concepts and explaining them st
  2. Hi guys. I am currently considering doing a maths IA that involves logarithmic regression. Whilst I understand that a logarithmic regression line can be worked out by plugging it into a GDC (like the ones my school uses), will we still be awarded for calculating it by hand, using formulae step-by-step, rather than letting the calculator do it all for us?
  3. Hello everyone. At the moment I am working on my first draft for my Extended Essay, I am doing English A. One worry I have is that my choice in topic is 'well worn'. My chosen novel isn't as overdone as books like 1984 or Lolita for example, but it was very popular on its release in the 1990s. I am also studying one of the novel's central themes, but admittedly I am adding some unique spins and analysis. Would choosing well worn book or topic be a major issue? Thanks for the help!
  4. Is there a need for you to take ESS? If I were you, I'd replace it with Physics SL at the very least, but from what I have seen most universities in Canada require Maths, Chemistry and Physics HL for their engineering courses. Even if you choose not to go to university in Canada, Physics at SL or HL would complement your other subjects better if you choose to study engineering.
  5. Hi all. I'm planning on doing an EE in English, category 1. What are your thoughts on my RQ- at the moment my biggest concern is that it might be too descriptive rather than analytical, in terms of language. How does delusion influence characters' motives and perceptions of reality in Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things? My supervisor actually advised me to do something along the lines of the question above. However, I originally planned on doing the question below, but she advised that there may not be enough to talk about. What are your thoughts? Is the question above acceptabl
  6. Hi all. I am working on my Computer Science IA, and am worried about Criterion C- Complexity. Apparently complexity can be added by adding features into our code, like recursion, 2D arrays etc, but is it ok to add these features even if it worsens the program's performance/slows it down, but does the job? I can then talk about how it might not have been the most effective solution in the evaluation section. Would this work?
  7. Hi all, quick question about choosing books for the EE. Is it appropriate and acceptable to compare a theme present in two novels written by the same author, or is it preferable to compare novels by different authors instead? Thanks!
  8. Hi guys! I'm planning on doing an EE on English, where I will be studying a book that I know isn't super widely done in past EEs, but was still popular with a lot of resources available online. That's my issue though, there are a considerable amount of websites like Sparknotes that explain a lot of the themes (it is appropriately complex for an EE though, after asking my supervisor), but I'm a bit worried my choice of book may be a bit uncreative as there are a fair amount of sources online covering it already. Of course, I plan to add some flair and originality, but is this a big cause
  9. Hi all! I am planning on doing an Extended Essay on English A, but I am a bit unsure of what is expected of us in the research process. I'm aware that we are supposed to research some literary criticism/critiques from others, but is this all research in an English A EE entails? Should we also read other works by the author, even if they aren't works we said we'll discuss in our research question? Any other advice on what makes effective research in an English A EE would be appreciated.
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