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I'm possibly going to study law in the UK and I'm currently going into the first year of DP. 

My current subjects are: 

HL - Bio, English A & Psych. 

SL - Chem, Maths AI, Spanish AB. 

I'm worried that if I don't want to do law, I won't have any uni majors and careers left. 

My backup plans are molecular biology/genetics etc and possible psychology. 

I most likely can't change my subjects unless i take bio SL and Chem HL which I wouldn't prefer. 

Please advise on what to do. 

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I think your courses are perfectly fine, you could go into many field seeing as you have HL English which can take you into law, journalism and all the routes with that. Or Bio and Chem which take you into many Science areas, like molecular biology, maybe even medicine, and more. And obviously psychology, as you are taking it HL along with Bio. If there is anything I could tell you to change is maybe math AA, as it may(if you go into medicine) open more options in some harder universities, but your courses are completely fine and open to many courses, so don't worry you will be fine!! Plus, I'm pretty sure you can change your courses for the first month, just incase you don't like them.

Hopefully everything will work out, good luck!

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