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  1. No, as long as there is no copying at all, then you are fine! But, run your IA through a plagiarism checker just in case.
  2. I hope you're okay :((, you'll make it through don't worry! (If you don't already know Jason Welker will save your life!!) One more year left, just push yourself, we all chose subjects we regret but oh well.
  3. Hey!!! I think if you're taking Chem and Bio HL (depends on the uni requirements for you, most UK uni's need both of these HL), then make Spanish or English your third HL, and do Econ SL. Because honestly, it is not that bad and it will be nice to have a social science as a change, however that depends on you. If you can talk with your counselor that would help, otherwise, I say Econ. Also, in my school Psych was online, so many many students struggled, so that could be something to take into account. Research more, and try finding students who took Econ or Psych, in HL or SL, whichever y
  4. ybna


    I think your courses are perfectly fine, you could go into many field seeing as you have HL English which can take you into law, journalism and all the routes with that. Or Bio and Chem which take you into many Science areas, like molecular biology, maybe even medicine, and more. And obviously psychology, as you are taking it HL along with Bio. If there is anything I could tell you to change is maybe math AA, as it may(if you go into medicine) open more options in some harder universities, but your courses are completely fine and open to many courses, so don't worry you will be fine!! Plus, I'
  5. Hiii!! Your courses seem to fit, but check on some universities you want to apply to and look at their requirements, that is honestly the most helpful thing to do! If you can, take math aa because it opens more options for harder universities, but I think it is completely fine if you stay with AI. Or maybe even business, but in the end, choose the courses you like and will do best in! I looked into UAL for fashion management and it said this: "Preferred subjects include, Maths, Business Studies, Economics, Science, Humanities and Modern Foreign Languages" The link for it. Hopefully this h
  6. It depends on what you want to do in university and the requirements for that, so you could check it? Or tell me and I could try to help? However, if you are undecided I'd say option A will be easier, I took basically the same subjects as option B, the courses you are taking are challenging, so make sure you are confident you want to take these. I don't have any experience with ESS, so research about it. Overall, check with your uni course that you have in mind or talk to your counselor, but if you are looking for the easier option, it is definitely option A, even though the other courses are
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This is a book I use a lot for Spanish Ab Initio, it has a lot of practice and really helps with understanding.
  8. For Bio, definitely Bioninja it is amazing and for Chemistry I suggest Mrsjchem the website or youtube videos and Richard Thornley's youtube videos. Also, this website is useful for a lot of topics, it had past papers just make sure to pick IB Diploma in the category area.
  9. 1. What is your real name? Aya 2. Where are you from? Sudan 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? I was searching for resources to help me with IB and I saw IBS 4. What made you register on IB Survival? It's a really nice site were people all around help each other, as well as, went or are going through the same struggle, so I really liked it when I saw it 5. When did you (approximately) register here? June 2019 6. What is your favourite IB subject? HL Econ or HL Chem 7. When are you graduating? May 2021 8. What are y
  10. If you're bad at math you should definitely take SL Chemistry, there's math but very basic and easy and I think for psychology it better chemistry than chem!
  11. Depending on where you wanna go to if it's the UK, USA or Canada. If you're taking HL Chem and Bio, you should take math SL AA as well and you would be safe for most of the unis. Look at some of the universities you're thinking about going and look at their requirements.
  12. Hey! I've asked my math teachers and counselors about this. Depending on what flight school, some require HL AI and some require SL AA, AI is more for students who are strong at Algebra 2 and who are interested in math in a more practical than theoretical and the AA SL is similar to current SL but a bit harder, depending on yourself if you are strong and believe that you could do good in AI HL it's better, but the safe way is AA SL. Check the flight schools you want to go to and their requirements! Hope this helps
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