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Super cars math IA HL calculus topic in next few hours!!!!

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I have made many research looking for something involving cars and calculus. First I had something involving Navier stokes equation but my supervisor said it was really hard and I had to avoid it. But then I don't seem finding anything involving super cars and calculus. I wanted to do something with launch control in a car and how could it help a car at the start of a race to avoid burnout but don't know if there is calculus?

I also wanted to talk about Bernoulli's principle and how a wing could help drag but again do not know if the calculus involved is sufficient?

Then I thought about picking planes(isn't as much interesting to me) "the optimal angle and acceleration of elevation in takeoff"(does that involve calculus?)


So please help me my IA final decision topic is within a few hours, what can I talk about for my IA involving cars that is sufficient enough for Math HL

Thank you very much!!! 

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