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  1. I have been wondering quite lately when I switched from a petrol car engine to a diesel car engine that it is much more fuel-efficient, I have a math project coming up and I wanted to take this into the further investigation, therefore, do my own measurements and modeling to compare the fuel efficiency in both cars. There will be a rate of change in the mpg when accelerating in the highway but also in the city(in other words there maybe calculus involved?), so is it a good topic to take into investigation? does it have a sufficient amount of math? and if you have some sources about this partic
  2. Hello everyone, My IA outline is due in 3 days but now after I realized that my topic requires calculus and integration which I have never done in my life. Do you think I can manage otherwise do you have any recommendation for a topic that has good math involved for an HL student and insist with cars because cars are interesting to me. Please help I don't know what to do!!!!
  3. I am doing my ee on chemistry and I have time as a variable in one of my experiments. Is this a good variable to consider or not because of uncertainties?
  4. what is the viscosity of honey from different regions such as mountains, forests, city, hot and cold regions. Please give them in order and also if you have any suggestion of honey with different viscosity in order please tell me. Thank you very much!!!
  5. I have made many research looking for something involving cars and calculus. First I had something involving Navier stokes equation but my supervisor said it was really hard and I had to avoid it. But then I don't seem finding anything involving super cars and calculus. I wanted to do something with launch control in a car and how could it help a car at the start of a race to avoid burnout but don't know if there is calculus? I also wanted to talk about Bernoulli's principle and how a wing could help drag but again do not know if the calculus involved is sufficient? Then I thought ab
  6. Hello everyone, I have made some research on a math topic that involves calculus and cars. I was interested in talking about aerodynamics which involved Navier Stokes equation and after asking my supervisor, I came into conclusion that it will be very hard topic. Now I've been looking for a topic involving cars and calculus but I don't seem to find a good one for a math HL student, it will be very helpful if any of you gave me a good topic. Thanks a lot.
  7. I'm doing my extended essay in chemistry and I want to do it on honey. Can you please recommend me with what things I can talk about and what variables can I change. I need your instant reply please because I'm in a rush!!! thank you very much.
  8. I'm doing my extended essay in chemistry and i want to do it on honey. can you please help me with what things i can talk about honey and what variables can I change. I need your instant answer please because I'm in a rush!!! thank you very much.
  9. oh yes didn't take that into account, thank you very much and I appreciate your valuable comments.
  10. Yes I didn't take personal engagement in to account but I feel like I'm going to be able to manage and do it . Thank you for the comment and for the example you gave me. Just one last question if you can help me with some variables I can change that would be perfect.
  11. I have a chemistry extended essay topic that I'm very interested in but i don't know if it is a good example for a chemistry extended essay. I want to talk about Honey, change some variables by maybe taking honey made from different places compare them, maybe change the temperature , maybe calculate viscosity??? Please help me I want to make sure that it's a good chemistry topic and should I continue or not and please if yes tell me some variables to change to my experiment interesting.
  12. I'm planning on doing my ee on either physics or chemistry. I have got a topic in mind for both subjects. for chemistry: I'm thinking of talking about honey viscosity and the affect of change in temperature of honey from different countries, but I don't know if this is more of a chemistry extended essay or biology extended essay. If not please help me with some chemistry extended essay examples that are not very common. For physics: I want to do something with cars or projectile motion. If you please have an idea or something that could help me choose my topic please inform me.
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