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Maths IA --> Covid-19?

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Hey guys, my teacher has just announced that we have to submit maths IA topic proposals by the end of next week. I've thought of several - All of which turned out either immensely difficult, too simple or simply lacking personal engagement. More recently, I'm thinking of doing my IA on statistics and covid-19 owing to the fact that it's something that I am actually interested in and that statistics had always been one of my stronger suits in mathematics. Sadly, all I have in mind is covid-19 and statistics, nothing more. Seriously, I am stuck. Could anyone give some advice as to how I could explore this topic since I have got absolutely no idea as to how it show go like (e.g. Predicting the future of the pandemic? Looking at models? Analysing trends?) I would really really appreciate it if some of you out there could give me a helping hand because just thinking about the maths IA is giving me a splitting headache. I look forward to all of your future replies. Thanks (in advance)😇:argh:

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