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History IA - Input on questions

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I have to choose my history IA research question soon, but I'm not quite sure whether or not I should word them differently or change certain parts. I have these hypothetical questions and wanted to maybe hear some input. 

  • Compare and contrast the methods used to accuse and penalize women during the Salem witch trials of 1692 and the persecution of witches of Matthew Hopkins of 1644-47?
  • To what extent did Tibuta’s confession start the mass hunt for witches in the Salem Witch Trials of 1692?
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Hi! I am not familiar with the topic, but I am taking history. What I advise you is to focus your research question as much as possible because of the word count. 2200 words may sound as a lot, but once you start writing, you may exceed the word count. So it is way easier if you have a focused RQ. Good luck! 


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