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Econ University in UK

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Hi guys, I am in a second semester of 11 grade now, and taking a HL: Econ, Geo, English, and SL: Math, Chemistry and self taught. I am targeting LSE and UCL; however, doesn't have enough data for UCL... 

LSE -> BSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics or BSc Economics. 

And I heard that the minimum point for applying should be above 37 (HL: 6, 6, 7). In this case, does Econ have to be a grade 7 subject? I mean what if I get 6 from Econ and 7 from Geo or English? Because my major is Econ. It could be an issue? 

Another problem is SL math. From the official web page, HL math isn't mandatory but still preferred. So, what if I make SAT 2 math instead of taking math HL? And if it works, which could be a minimum score for the SAT 2 math? 

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Unless the web page specifies, it doesn't matter what subject you have a 7 in :) However, it says "including 7 6 6 in Higher level subjects, with 7 in Mathematics" and I'm not really sure if it doesn't mean that the 7 has to be in Mathematics HL. You can always contact the uni and ask if SL Math is fine for the course.

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It definitely is not. In general, I don't think Econ is a very essay-based course (at the university), so I don't think such literary knowledge that you get at English A classes is essential. It might be useful to some extent, but it's not necessary. I know quite a lot people who study in the UK, even courses such as law, and had English B HL (I think SL won't be good enough, but HL is fine), so don't worry :)

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