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Which subjects should I choose?

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Hi there! I'm currently doing pre-IB and it's time for me to choose subjects for DP. I want to take bio HL for sure, but only recently it hit me there's a chance I'll be needing chemistry to major in some bio stuff in the future...The thing is, I never really paid attention in chem class I was convinced I won't be taking it as a subject. It's not like I'm really bad at it, I just can't imagine taking chem HL :''') I don't know which uni will I choose, I don't want to major in medicine that's for sure. There isn't much information on uni requirements for majors like behavioral biology, primatology, just bio subjects which don't lead to medicine. If you have any advice or similar experience, please reach out :)

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6 hours ago, sunsally said:

If you take chemistry SL (no need to take HL), you can get in many bio related programs. If you are good at physics and maths, you can try biophysics and bioengineering programs. 

I was thinking about something related to zoopsychology, I want to take psychology HL. I think I can manage chem SL, that's a relief I don't have to take HL. In that case I won't be able to take geography, which I really enjoy, but I guess it wouldn't help me with meeting the uni requirements anyway. Thank you for helping!

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33 minutes ago, ChocolateAndVanilla said:

Do you know where you are planning to study? In what country at least? The requirements usually depend on the uni and also the country, so you should think about that ;)

That's the thing, I have no idea. I suppose somewhere within the European Union, cause it would be quite beneficial for me. I don't have enough money for dream destinations like Canada or Australia :'') And with Brexit, I'm kinda screwed if it comes to UK.

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