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What's harder: two HL sciences or HL science and math?

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I've just started the IB and I'm doing Physics HL and Chem SL. I was thinking of doing both of these at HL but I have a problem: my school has a very bad schedule.

The science HL and lab classes are at the same time, so I would have to do some self studying. My math teacher told me I could do math HL if I wanted to (which I don't). There are a lot of people in my class doing a science and math at higher level, so I would like to know which one is easier (considering that I'd have to split my time with the two sciences).

If you have any thoughts or tips, please comment them below.

Thank you.

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So basically I wanted to do Math, Bio and Chem HL. The problem is, you need to take so many other factors into account: Which field do you want to get into, does the university you want to go to accept your subject choices for their courses etc. 

Either way, Math HL is supposed to be a very demanding course. So if you're willing to take the chance, go ahead. 

As for the sciences, I'd say doing self-taught Biology would be the easiest (I'm talking from experience here 😅) because for both, Physics (from what I've heard) and Chemistry HL, the content is quite challenging and you would need a teacher, self-taught would be hard. But I guess it depends on what you're stronger at, and what you can manage? 

Take care :) 

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