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  1. I have a friend who is pretty upset about IB. With the mock exams, EE pressure, and all the internal and external deadlines, I can see he is stressed out. Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with the pressure and perfectionist expectations (no one expects you to get a 7 in everything)? It can be personal accounts on how you improved your scores, how to not freak out, or anything of the sort. I just want to cheer my friend up and help them because I genuinely think they have the potential to get 40+.
  2. Hi guys, can anyone explain to me what we need to know about the practicals for paper 3? Are the questions usually focused on method or outcomes? What should I expect to be tested on? I remember the experiments we did in class but I don't know if I am ready to answer questions about them...
  3. If you are talking about the exams, the minimum required is a 24 to pass. If not, your friend can retake the exams to get the diploma. If you are referring to staying behind in school (like you can do in any other year), then I think it depends on the school. In my school, you have to have a 6/10 for every subject, otherwise you fail. You should ask your coordinator to explain better how it works, they probably know more than I do. They might even give tips on what your friend can do so they don't have to repeat a year.
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    Eu tive que ler esse livro para o Paper 2 de Portugu√™s A: Linguagem e Literatura. Fiz esse resumo com a prova em mente, ent√£o coloquei cita√ß√Ķes, cenas, e fatos sobre o autor e o contexto. Uma coisa que √© importante lembrar √© que como o livro foi escrito em alem√£o, as tradu√ß√Ķes sofrem modifica√ß√Ķes do significado original. Dependendo da pergunta do Paper 2, isso √© uma coisa interessante de abordar. Boa sorte nas provas pessoal!
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    I read this book for my Portuguese A Lang & Lit course, and translated it to English in case someone needs it. This is a summary of the book but targeted at people doing Paper 2 on it (I put some citations, important scenes and comments about the context which may be useful). Of course, since I didn't originally read this in English, you can add your own quotes that you think are important and stuff. Also, it's important to consider that you lose things with translations. If you read The Metamorphosis in anything but German, keep in mind that some words might not be the exact transla
  6. Thank you! I`ll keep this in mind do my more research!
  7. Hi, I want to do my Internal Assessment using more dimensions than 3. However, I don't know exactly what I could/should do. I saw someone solving the "Wolf, goat, cabbage" problem using 3d geometry, and wanted to try to solve the "River crossing puzzle" using the same idea. I believe it would require 6 dimensions, and I would use matrixes to represent it. My teacher said she couldn't predict if it would turn out good or not. I don't know if it's too simple or too complicated. I still really like this topic, and if this is not possible, I would probably do something with a hypercube
  8. I have my books figured out now so I'll narrow it down. Thanks!
  9. I told my teacher that I wanted to do my EE in English, using the work of Stephen King. I asked if it was better to talk about one book or to compare two different books, and he told me a comparison would be a more interesting choice. I was reading IT but still had to find the second book and the topic to compare. I wanted to take a completely different genre of book but that would be a lot harder and I don't have much time, so I might end up choosing another one of his books like The Shining or Pet Sematary. Regarless of what book I choose, I still don't know what topic to discuss in my EE. I
  10. For the 2020 exams, group 2 changed. My teachers haven't really explained what the changes were, nor how and what we have to learn for the exams. Since there are no past papers (or at least that I know of), I am kind of lost. For our lang B class, we are talking about sharing the planet. It feels a bit odd, because I haven't found the connection with learning a language yet. Does anyone know anything more specific about the changes in the curriculum or how we are going to be assessed? Thanks
  11. Thank you!! I am doing physics, chemistry and English B HL and history, math and portuguese A SL. I also have 4 non-IB subjects that I have to study for. My plan was to study my HLs (and math) almost everyday and my SLs about four times a week, and the non-IB subjects just once a week, since they aren't that important.
  12. I've just started the IB and I'm having trouble organising my study schedule. I have to spend most of my time in math, physics, chem and history, but still don't know how to space my study blocks. Do you have any tips? What should I do to study? Past papers? Exercises? Thanks
  13. My school offers Portuguese A at HL or SL, English B only at HL and French and German B HL or SL. Nothing too crazy and not as many options as many other schools.
  14. I've just started the IB and I'm doing Physics HL and Chem SL. I was thinking of doing both of these at HL but I have a problem: my school has a very bad schedule. The science HL and lab classes are at the same time, so I would have to do some self studying. My math teacher told me I could do math HL if I wanted to (which I don't). There are a lot of people in my class doing a science and math at higher level, so I would like to know which one is easier (considering that I'd have to split my time with the two sciences). If you have any thoughts or tips, please comment them below.
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