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Is having multiple textbook good for certain subjects in the IB?

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Honestly depends.

Personally, I didn't use any textbooks. Found that they didn't work for me. Rather, I made my own notes. So I would urge you to consider your learning style before buying IB textbooks, as they are quite expensive (a 10 second Amazon search tells me they're generally ~$30).

Assuming you decide to get books, I don't think multiple books are needed. For one, often various books have different ways of labelling figures (I heard this for economics), and therefore, it can get confusing.


Hope this helps.

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Our school prefers Oxford as they communicate directly with the IB and so their textbooks contain exactly what we need to know. I've only been using Oxford for all subjects. Except math, my teacher prefers different textbooks for different topics. Oxford also has study guides which are helpful :)

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I'd start with just the textbooks your school recommends and then, if you feel you need any extras, look for additional ones. For example, we used Oxford textbooks for Chemistry and Psychology, but I ended up buying Pearson ones as extras because I found their style easier to understand, and used all resources. 

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