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  1. Its quite interesting actually. So first up, Stagflation = AS shifting in, thus raising inflation and unemployment. He proposes to lower interest rates to facilitate AS back in [using exp mon pol]. The effects are ambiguous however, as AD is affected by interest rate as well. Thats a crash course.
  2. Ahhhhh Well not sure how that'll work sorry. Thanks for clearing it up Kw
  3. https://www.ibo.org/globalassets/publications/become-an-ib-school/dp-general-regulations-en.pdf Page 6 onwards details what you need to get the diploma. I don't think you can take the Queensland exam in place of the Math HL/SL exam.
  4. Melbourne Uni medicine is a post grad course. You can't get into Biomed with math studies, and similarly, even if you get into an Arts or another program, you won't be able to get the courses (such as statistics) you need. So at the very least you need math SL for Melbourne Uni. I don't know about UNSW, but you can check their website
  5. So here's the thing. if you don't do math SL you won't get your IB diploma. You'll get certificates. I'm not sure if unis would accept that. I reckon your best bet would be to stick with math sl and work hard on it.
  6. Depends. Generally it can be "easier" for IB students (conversion is massively skewed in your favor). I study at an Aussie uni and I did IB so I don't think they hate it (and most of them accept IB scores). So I reckon you'll be alright mate.
  7. OK so a lot of questions but here goes [Just FYI, I don't have time to sketch a graph so I'm hoping I interpreted your questions right]: a) You now that because you're not at the Long Run level of output. Therefore you can have more production. The way I think of this generally think of it is like this: I have a factory that can produce 10 goods. At present, I'm just producing 6. So I can produce 4 more and therefore, my Long Run level is 10. b) You really can't know for certain from most articles, but a good way is to see what's driving the inflation/deflation. So, for
  8. Hey, So essentially, you want to apply what you learn in theory to real life. This is how it goes: (A) Find an article on part of the course (eg: microeconomics could be an article on bad rains reduce supply of corn; trade could be Trump's tariffs etc) (B) Analyse said article. You want to define a few terms in the intro and set up what happened (ver very concisely). Then its like a part B. Draw your graphs and explain them. Use quotes from the text to show your point. (C) Write a conclusion summing up your key points. (D) Make sure it's in the word limit. IDK if it ha
  9. Hey I just glanced over the website and 300K seems right. Roughly 60K a year times 5 is 300. Med school is an expensive option. If you take the undergrad then MD program you'd run up similar costs (arguably higher). All the best.
  10. Hey Well, first up, you need to figure out where does the issue lie. Are you struggling with concepts because there is an issue with the very basic concepts or the later ones. Once that is identified, if I were you, I would write up model part (a) answers and have your teacher look over them. This should help you start to create a level of understanding of what's going on. Alternatively, if you really "get" the math, try to break down the formula. What is it trying to say? Largely (from what I remember), IB econ math is very close to the theory; and therefore you can certainly
  11. Hey So at my uni (i major in economics) B&M is not needed, nor is math HL needed. I don't think Economics HL is needed either. I think the best bet for you is to figure out which unis you like because the requirements tend to ping pong a bit (EG: London School of Economics needs HL math). Best of luck
  12. Hey. Unfortunately, it's never a certainty. You certainly stand a good shot with a 44; however American universities often look at other things, such as your essays, extra-curriculars and recommend letters very heavily. So sadly, I don't think anyone can say "yes you're going to get in with a 44". I would urge you to of course have top grades, but also to try to build your list of extra curics and talk to teachers to get great recs in Best of luck!
  13. Hey there! Well, if I'm honest with you, it's tricky deciding what you want to do! First up, before anything else, I highly urge you to reconsider your HLs as Math, Physics, Chem HL is a lot of work. Also, just so you know, your career choices are more influenced by Uni (which is affected to some extent by high school), so I wouldn't sweat it too much. However, for now, let's assume you stay with this choice. You have a lot of options of what you can do/study. Certainly teaching mathematics is an option. Here, it would depend on whether you want to teach High School students or uni
  14. It depends on what you want to study mate. Most Unis let you work with Math SL etc. The Chancellor programme is a scholarship program; it is seperate from the course you want (BComm, BA etc etc) Hope it helps
  15. It depends what you want to study mate. After you decide that, you can take a look at the uni requirements for the subject and adjust accordingly. Best of luck
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