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Answering P1 and P2

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How do you guys answer P1 and P2? (paper 1 and paper 2)

Do you guys just state the AMPRCE of a study?  (aim, method procedure etc.)

Are there any templates that is useful in getting a 7? huuhh

I need your help!!! 

Any tips on answering P1 and P2? 

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most of the time it depends on the question type. For paper 1, (the short answer, right?), what I usually tend to do is just have a basic intro, which is pretty general and states the aim of the essay. Then I move on to whatever the question is specifying, eg. explaining flashbulb memory or something like that. Start with the theory, then add in studies. For the studies, introduce the aim (if you can remember it), participants, procedure, results, conclusion and evaluation. Add in other studies if you want, and finally conclude, again being a bit general and re-stating the points you make in your essay. 

For paper 2 (long answer), this is again something that really depends on the question type. The format for a compare and contrast question as opposed to evaluating is very different, so I'd suggest speaking to your teacher about the formats that are accepted, perhaps writing an essay in advance and getting them to check it. 


Btw, I just realised that your exams are in 2019, which means you have the new syllabus:sweat: from what I know, the essays are a lot more structured. I think it's similar to a ToK essay, with claims and counterclaims, and research to back your statements. Sorry, I hope whatever I've said is useful in some way!

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