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  1. Welcome to the forum @peachy I understand that what you're experiencing is frustrating and disheartening. There have been a lot of changes in your life, and going through high school with the virus is very difficult. The most important thing is to recognize and also realize that these academic challenges—though indubitably frustrating—are not that bad in the grand scheme of things. The fact of the matter is that your marks in Grade 9 are just not that important (no matter what format the exams are in); you'll be able to turn this around and it will make you a better student and learner in
  2. Who knows? They're probably going to compare your SAT's/ACT's if you don't do it and your IB predicted results if you do do it. But they might know that predicted results are kind of a crapshoot so they'll compare SAT's/ACT's anyway.
  3. It's been a while since I did IB but I'm doing a degree in comp sci. and I can say that switch statements should be absolutely valid pseudo-code. Fundamentally switch statements actually represented a different thing than if-else originally, although modern compilers probably are smart enough to make that not matter.
  4. It wouldn't hurt you, but it might not help you. I wouldn't worry too much about IB in terms of admission prospects with U.S. schools and just do it if you want to do it. With Canadian schools on the other hand, it might give you a bit more of an advantage.
  5. I'm a big proponent of studying by doing fun stuff for languages. Watch TV shows in the target language with subs in that language; watch Youtube in the target language; etc. Also you can try downloading HelloTalk, an app which I personally recommend.
  6. If you do French as an A language then I don't think there would be a problem. I don't know if you do it as a B language.
  7. For English: StoryCorps and Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me For economics, I've never listened to it but I assume it's good: Planet Money
  8. Hi, You're smart because you gave the answer I was going to give you. You can certainly self-study these subjects. Nothing is stopping you from buying an IB Biology/Chemisty HL book. You can test yourself on past exams. You can do the SAT subject tests to rove to schools that you know your stuff. That's a really good idea. I don't know about med schools and what undergrad courses are/aren't sufficient; but I'm sure there's tons of stuff online regarding that. Many North American schools have sections on their applications where you can notify about anything they should know abou
  9. Nope, as long as there's some reference in the essay you're fine.
  10. I won't give you too much advice on bio and chemistry since they aren't my strong suit but reading never hurts. Also reading (or watching a video) from even just a second source on the same topic is helpful. Regarding Spanish, the best thing to do is find what you like because there are tons of ways to study a language. Obviously, it might be a little tougher at the ab initio level if you've never really seen Spanish. You could benefit from some structured study. A lot of people like Duolingo, but I'm not a fan. I really like EasySpanish (and they also make Super Easy Spanish which would
  11. Just piggybacking off of @kw0573's good advice, in my experience, some mentors are more adamant about the amount/necessity to include scholarly crit. in an EE and other's aren't so I assume that markers similarly have different viewpoints. You should probably find some criticism but it doesn't have to be much, even IB says that that is not the primary focus of the lit. essays. But actually, I don't think it would be hard for you to incorporate criticism; use a good scholarly search engine and just look up criticism for slam poetry. It may not be on a poem or author that you would have pic
  12. Yes, just like other IB lit. essays, it's expected that you use quotations from the work in your essay and analyze them.
  13. Nomenclature


    Hi, I like your profile picture. Re: Retakes You're allowed to retake twice, there's really not much risk if that's what you want to do and don't mind paying the money. I'm not sure if I can advise you on what to rewrite/what to send it unchanged. Best of luck.
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