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Hey guys,

so here is the thing: our teacher at school is very bad, she isn't practicing with us any questions, and she's just waffling about personal topics every lesson. Yet when we give in any essays at all, she always gives a 5 saying there is not enough critical thinking even though there is evaluation. My worry is that if it goes on like this without any intervention or action, I will fail my exam just because she wastes my time every lesson and believe me , WE DO NOT COVER ANYTHING, and are jumping from one topic to another. So my question is; Do you guys have samples of excellent long answer questions(essays) for paper 1 and options, and which resources would you recommend for the best preparation? Also, is there any teacher with lots of experience  that I could pay to have a look at my essays and grade them like a real examiner? Please guys, give me some advice, any resources, websites, opinions, help, because I feel like I'm drowning!:help:


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