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So we received our mid-terms on Friday, my first report card I ever received in the MYP program.

Everyone who entered the program knew that their grades were going to drop either subtly or significantly. I knew mine were going to drop too, and they did when compared to last year's final Grade 8 marks. I went from a 94% average (as of last year) to an 87% average (as of this year). The reason why I am not satisfied with this is because the only course I actually got a high 90% in was my selected arts course (music). My other 3 academic course marks were all in the mid-high 80's. 


Some Grade 10's told me that Grade 9 math is the worst, and that it gets way better in Grade 10 math (next semester). A lot of teachers and students in the IB program told the new MYP's that marks don't matter in Grade 9 and that the Grade 9 teachers will generally give you a little lower than what you actually deserve in order to 1) show improvement throughout the semester and 2) because "there's always room for improvement". The problem is that my parents think that if I don't start with a 90 and above in every course, then the MYP/IB program is not right for me.  They believe that if I start with 90's, I will be able to eventually improve (by the end of the semester) and receive marks in the mid to upper 90's. If I start with 80's, I will not be able to improve so quickly and end up finishing the semester with low 90's, which is obviously not where they want me to be by the end of the semester. 


I know this sounds pretty mainstream and kind of cheesy but there really are no limits to how much you can improve and get better at something, so I don't believe my parents are right thinking like that. 

My questions are, do you really think the whole "if you don't start with 90's then IB isn't right for you" thing is true? Have any of you experienced this and managed to overcome it? 

I really don't want to think about dropping out because I really enjoy the school I'm enrolled in and the people in the program too. 

 Any advice, personal experiences or opinions would be greatly appreciated :)

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I feel your happiness in IB is very much contingent on your own desire to do it. To go into it, you obviously should have generally good grades, as that shows you're willing to work in school and would do well with an academic challenge.

But I think it far more important, that you want to do it while knowing of its rigour. Because of that, I think IB might be ideal for you–and your grades aren't that bad.

And yes, you can improve quite a bit at anything. You just need to change behaviours. But that's easier said than done.

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