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Hey guys,

I'm reviewing my presentation against the assessment rubric and stumbled upon this.

"the knowledge question is effectively explored in the context of the RLS"

does this mean that I have to refer back to my RLS, after making every claim, or something else??

Any answers would be appreciated.

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No, you just have to throughly cover the RLS and what your beliefs about the KQ mean for that. You can do that in the beginning right after you introduce your KQ and then move on, or you can do it intermittently–I'd say the former is more common. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to return to your principal RLS at the end of the presentation. Remember, you should probably have multiple RLS situations (you'll bring up more for counterclaims and implications and obviously spend less time on them, but still make sure you "explore" them), but the RLS along with the that you start with is a main focus of the presentation along with the KQ.

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