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  1. Working on my presentation topic and I'm interested in working within art. I'd like to discuss the function of language and art within poetry, but when I brought it up to my teacher, he seemed iffy about whether literature falls under art as an AOK. In class, we discussed art mostly in context of visuals -- paintings, sculptures, dance, etc., so I'm just honestly not sure if lit counts. What topic our presentations fall under dictates the week that we present in my class, so I'd prefer to know sooner rather than later what direction I'm going in here. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys! I'm trying to do my presentation on the topic of plastic surgery and how it may be "ethical". I am aware that I can analyze it using emotion and reason (some people do it for purely outer appearances, but others may do it due to health purposes). However..I'm very confused. IB ToK wants me to answer "How do we know what we know?", but I have no idea how to approach this in my current position... What exactly should I include in my presentation? Any discussion would be appreciated! Thank you!
  3. Hi, i have my TOK presentation coming up soon, and i decided to do mine on are video games useful for society? I know that video games can promote violence, and i also know it can help people improve eye to hand coordination, etc... The only problem is i don't know how i should outline mine. My teacher said i should start with a situation and then state my knowledge issue, but after that, i am lost. I don't know what should go next. Should i describe what we mean by violent, is this presentation biased, etc... Please help me.
  4. hey, so I have to find the topic, main RLS and KQ for my TOK presentation, but I never had any idea what was going on in TOK classes 🙃 so I really need some help!! I thought I could do something connecetd with medical ethics, but since I don't want it to be too common and generic, preferably something else than designer babies/stem cell research, euthanasia and abortion. do you have any ideas what this could be? my other idea would be something connected with maths, like I thought of, very vaguely, maths in nature - so about Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequence, Sequences and Series for
  5. Hi, So I got a knowledge question: How do emotions help or hinder our understanding of the correlation? But don't know for what to use for my rls!!! help!
  6. Well its that time of year again, and TOK classes everywhere are working on the dreaded TOK presentation. The very purpose of the TOK presentation has been mocked by the long list of botched presentations (including but not limited to: poor raps, random video clips, insufficient, unprepared rambling, and interpretive dance... yes, it happens), but enough about those. I want to hear about the great TOK presentations that really just made you think about something in a way you haven't before. So far, my favorite TOK topic was one which compared Religiosity and the Gross Domestic Product of nat
  7. Hey Guys! I've changed my knowledge question like 3 times already and I think I'm gonna go for this one - "to what extent do ways of knowing alter our beliefs" The real-life situation is cigarettes commercials in the 1950s' that used to deceit people into thinking that smoking is healthy Do you think it's a good question? Thank you!!
  8. Version 1.0.0


    here's a document that'll help in filling out the tkppd, a vital element in tok presentation! goodluck
  9. I'm currently thinking of basing my presentation on Ethics and apparently it's not recommended to do anything with ethics. At this point, I'm completely lost about what I'm supposed to do...
  10. Version 1.0.0


    My TOK presentation script. Internally marked earned a 9/10
  11. Version 1.0.0


    My slides for my TOK presentation which earned 9/10 marked internally
  12. So I've got my presentation due soon, and I have started working on it, but I keep second-guessing it, and I'm not sure if my research question is good 😣. This is it - 'To what extent do the Arts influence our understanding of morality/right+wrong?' The RLS is about violence in video he's and if they can cause real life violence. Any advice is really appreciated 😣
  13. Howdy, fellow IB kids I'm really struggling to find a RLS for my TOK presentation. I had to come up with a knowledge question really suddenly and it is "To what extent does one have the responsibility to share (substantial) personal knowledge?" My main idea for the RLS is to find a case where authorities, scientist have kept a secret from the public that could potentially be really important. Right now my only RLS idea is from the show "The 100" where they are all up on a space ship or something and an engineer finds out that the oxygen will soon run out. When he tells the pr
  14. hi for my tok presentation I've chosen an rls related to the French Islamophobia. it talks about the French far-right is this a good rls and should my AOK be ethics or human sciences for this?
  15. Hey, so we are doing our TOK presentation on how social media bias and society affect one's perception of beauty. We are thinking of giving examples of extreme cases of anorexia, barbie dolls being the international standard of beauty and how only recently they started to change their appearance and involving 2 areas of knowledge, though we have only though of 1 AOK so far: natural sciences. Could you maybe help us in formulating our Knowledge Question/Issue and area of knowledge? We were thinking of something among the lines of: To what extent does sense perception and imagination affec
  16. Hi. I'm still struggling to find a decent topic for my TOK presentation. So far, I'm thinking about using this one: To what extent does religion affect our lives? Is this a good question to use? I'm not sure if it touches upon the WOKs AOKs. Thank you
  17. Hey! I have just finished my draft of the Mathematics SL Exploration. I showed it to my teacher and he said that I have to put double space and separate my calculations from the text. I told that if I do that I will exceed 12 pages. Though, he contends that it is okay. Is it really so? In Maths guide there is nothing on double space and all that stuff that we have in EE. Plus it is explicitly written that exploration must fit into the range of 6-12 pages. So I am confused whether I have to do what the guide is saying or what my teacher claims to be true. Help, please!
  18. For my IOP (Individual Oral Presentation) in English, I am doing Oedipus Rex. My topic is irony, specifically dramatic/situational and literary irony. There are lots of examples of them in the text. 1) What would be a good thesis statement? What should I focus on? 2) How do these types of irony affect the reader? 3) What is the purpose of having them in the text? Any greater implications/ extensions? 4) Is this a good topic even?:) Thank you so much!
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Here is my TOK presentation. I hope it would be helpful for you.
  20. I have not had a TOK lesson so I just want to know so I can started very soon.
  21. So my TOK teacher informed us that we're not permitted to submit the TOK presentation in a form of a video, only a PowerPoint presentation is accepted by the IB. I was a bit conflicted by this new information so I asked the librarian and he said that we're allowed, as long as we present ourselves throughout the video occasionally. And then for a confirmation, I inquired the IB Coordinator and she said we're not allowed to use a video as our final presentation. So should I follow what my IB Coordinator said or should I just do what's easier for me and make a video?
  22. Skip to these useful links: 1. ToK Presentation Guide by Keel 2. How to pick your TOK presentation title by Sandwich 3. Past TOK Presentations - what people chose ToK Presentation Guide Knowledge Issues 'Knowledge issue' i.e. issues about knowledge. It would be appropriate here to consider what ToK is all about. Many naturally assume that anything philosophically based is ToK. Understandable, but wrong. ToK is based around three main questions: What is knowledge? How is knowledge acquired? How do we know what we know? In layman’s terms, a kno
  23. To what extent does knowledge of an historical event affect our behavior? is this a good KQ? Need help with coming up with claims and counter-claims using reason and emotion as AOK
  24. Version 1.0.0


    In this document, you can find all the necessary information to help make your PPD amazing!
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