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Hi! I'm a Polish student currently doing pre-dp. Recently I've started thinking about my subject selection. I'm thinking about studying medicine (still don't know if in Poland, where higher education is free or abroad - if you know anything about obtaining scholarships for medical schools in Europe and/or Australia after IB go ahead and tell me), so naturally I will be taking:

Bio HL

Chem HL

Math SL (or should I do Math Studies if I'm less than good at normal math program?)

English B HL (heard it's an easy subject and great to kinda balance out Chem and Bio HL)

Polish SL

But I have a problem with choosing my humanities subject. I want to go easy on myself and choose the easiest possible subject from this group (not a lot of (from worst to best) 1)writing, 2)reading or 3)memorizing), what would you choose from these:

Geo SL (heard from graduate who is now studying at Oxford that this one is easy)

Economy SL (same as before but what stops me is my hate from math. Is there a lot math here?)

Psychology SL (heard it's not easy at all but it sounds interesting)

History SL (the hardest but on the other hand i do like history)

Global Politics

Let me hear your thoughts!

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I would be more worried about math in Chem HL rather than Econ HL, but ok. Generally for med school you should take at least Math SL, otherwise it is very hard to compete with others, even if Studies is admissable in rare cases.

I believe Econ and Geo have least writing, and Geo tends to be less conceptual and more memorizing, so I recommend Geography SL.

With that being said, you will have a hard time in chemistry HL if you try to memorize everything and not understand concepts.

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Personally, I would say psychology (even though there's a lot of writing and memorising) is quite easy and does not require much brainwork, and is quite light in terms of coursework. I'm not good at memorising things myself but with psychology as long as you know the basic studies it's pretty easy, and some stuff from biology does come up in psychology, and things are easier to remember because they tend to be quite interesting. So, yeah, psych is very interesting, even though the assessments include writing essays. 

As for math, I would recommend taking SL because yeah most universities don't accept math studies, especially for medicine. Good luck!

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