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Hi, so in September I will be starting the IB programme and entering ib1. For few days I have been wondering about how to get organised in a school year.

I wanted to ask you, IB students, in your opinion which organisation system is better bullet journal or a planner? Bearing in mind the demands and specifics of the ib programme.

To this day I have been using bujo but i don't know if it will work in ib or is it better to invest in a planner. I know that this is a personal matter, and I should choose what suits me best but I just wanted to ask for your thoughts and opinions on the topic.  

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I use a bullet journal, but I don't put a lot of effort into it. I used to and found that it doesn't really help much nor motivate me, you might be different. However, I DEFINITELY recommend it over a planner as you have so much more flexibility and space to write in if necessary. I don't even bother with putting a calendar in my bullet journal, I just put my deadlines into Google Calendar and then look at that when I'm planning in my journal. Since deadlines are known to change, I find this a lot easier than having to go back and white-out different things. I guess it all depends on what works for you and what motivates you, but having had experience with many different planning and productivity methods, I can confidently say that there are no major drawbacks of chilling out somewhat :)

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