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  1. Imperial Russia 1853-1924 Notes

    Detailed notes on imperial Russia, from  Alexander II and the emancipation of the serfs, 1855, to revolution and Lenin's Russia. 


  2. Creation of the Soviet Union

    Notes on the Creation of the Soviet Union with Pictures


  3. October Revolution

    These Are notes on the October Revolution with Pictures


  4. Josef Stalin Notes

    These are History Notes on Josef Stalin with Pictures


  5. Stalin: changes in society

    Essay on changes imposed by Stalin after 1929. Level 6


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  7. Josef Stalin - One Party States

    My notes on Josef Stalin to meet the requirements for Topic 3: Origins and Development of Authoritarian and Single-party States.
    Everything that you need to know for this should be there. Please let me know if there are any issues!


  8. Why did Stalin become leader of the USSR

    Why Stalin won the power struggle 1923-1928


  9. Quick guide to communism and Lenins adjustments to theory

    Very succinct key points to know about Lenin's use of Marxism.


  10. Rise and Rule of Stalin Details and Quotes

    A collection of details (evidence!) and quotes (historiography!) on the rise and rule of Stalin


  11. Stalin’s defeat of Trotsky in the struggle for succession to Lenin

    This essay analyses the reasons why Stalin defeated Trotsky in the struggle for succession to Lenin.
    This was a little exercise on how to write a good essay. It should help us to see how you have to structure your essay and how you have to argue.
    Grade: A


  12. Russia in Crisis

    These are my personal notes, class notes and developed arguments for the Russian section in the unit: Communism in Crisis from the IB Companion. The notes are organized chornologically, and within the chronological organization, the points and arguments are organized thematically.


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