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  1. Hello! I'll be starting the IB in August, which is very exciting, but there is one thing that has been on my mind lately: my subject choices. Our choices had to be made a few months ago. During that time of choosing I decided to go with 4 HLs. At first my intention was to take the three subjects which were English A Lang. and Lit. Biology Chemistry But, because history has always interested me, I decided to add it my list of HL subjects. A reason for my choice was that I had this idea that getting a good grade in HL History is easier due to the fact that Paper 3 in the
  2. I have successfully procrastinated my History IA and the first draft is due tomorrow...I trashed my first one because I found the topic incredibly boring so I was wondering if this is any good : “To What Extent did President FDR Successfully Change the Nature in Which US Presidents Communicate with the Public Through his Fireside Chats?”
  3. Hi. So currently I need a study buddy. I will be graduating in 2020, therefore I am looking for someone who is graduating the same year. In my History HL course I have studied move to Global war (Japan, Italy and Germany), authoritarian leaders (Mao, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini) and cold war. And I will be studying Castro +more next year (still unsure because we are changing teachers). Ideally I wish for a study buddy who have both subjects but it is okey either way. Ps;I would also happly join a study group who study one of the subjects or both.
  4. hey there! so i have my history exams in a little over a week (i'm in HL & we studied 20th century history but that's not super relevant to my question) & i'm kind of freaked out about the 90min time limit for paper 2. my question is: say i only have time to finish writing one essay in those 90 minutes, assuming its a decent/good essay, what kind of score will i get? just so that i can gauge how concerned i need to be with making sure i get both essays completed in time. (also, i'm not trying to do super well in history or anything, i just want a 3 or higher so that i can ge
  5. Does anyone have any notes on the bullet point "Impact of the First World War on civilian populations of two countries from the region between 1914 and 1918" in topic 13 for the History of Europe, Paper 3? If yes, could you please share them with me? Thank you!
  6. Hello! I've decided to concentrate on the antimafia movement's history in Italy for my history HL IA, especially on the grassroots levels and general population's opinion, and how they influenced larger movements on a national level such as Libera. I really don't know how to turn this into a question for an analytical study. Can you help me? Also, do you think the topic is too broad? Thank you
  7. Does anyone know the creators and origins of these two cartoons about Mao's 'Hundred Flowers' Campaign? I can't find any websites that have them but that also mention the name of the cartoonists and when they were created.
  8. I’m a little conflicted about choosing which subjects to take as higher levels. My school forces us to take English and History HL, so I basically only get the option of one other HL. That will probably be Chem, but I’m also considering Math HL. Because of my school’s requirements I’ve been considering taking 4 HLs since I hesr that colleges don’t often look at SL classes. I’m a straight A student, but I struggle with time management a lot, and I realize the commitment I’d need to make. Not sure if I’m making any sense here, I’d just appreciate some advice on deciding, maybe some perspective f
  9. Version 1.0.0


    This is a little diagram I made to illustrate the complex system of foreign policies and interests after the Berlin Conference of 1878-9, since it would have been nearly impossible to follow the discussion without it. I hope it helps someone else!
  10. Great Powers after the Berlin Conference of 1878-9 View File This is a little diagram I made to illustrate the complex system of foreign policies and interests after the Berlin Conference of 1878-9, since it would have been nearly impossible to follow the discussion without it. I hope it helps someone else! Submitter IBantics Submitted 01/05/2018 Category Germany  
  11. Hi! Yesterday I found out that my supervisor had gone on vacation, leaving me without any guidance until the middle of August. I wasn't done with my research question (I have myself to blame really) and now can't afford loosing two more weeks withour any reasarch on the specific question. I've come up with 3 research questions concerning the Rwandan genocide (history), I would be very grateful if you could help me. Can I rephrase anything to make it better? Which one do you consider the best option for an EE? Is any of these questions even doable? 1.To what extent was the Rwandan
  12. Do you think this topic will work? This is my History HL IA for the new syllabus. To what extent does the interpretation of Japanese constitution article 9 affected the revision of the US-Japan Security Treaty in 1960? If this doesnt work, do you have any suggested topic in this field?
  13. Hi everyone, I wanted an opinion outside my school about the validity of my research question. I initially wanted to go with "To what extent were women in the US allowed to aid the army during World War II?" as my research question but due to no sources whatsoever I came to the conclusion that I should change it and I came up with "To what extent was Stalin’s five year plan successful during 1928 to 1932?". Can I use this research question? (I take history HL)
  14. Hey guys, I am starting my IB DP in a week. My current subject combination is: Economics HL History HL Math HL Chem SL Lang/Lit SL French B SL I really like history and want to make a career out of it, with the research that I've done, I really want to be an archaeologist. My backup option as of now is a lawyer if not an archaeologist. Could anyone give me tips for History HL? I am open to changing my subjects, it would be helpful if any of you guys could suggest some career paths that might interest me.
  15. Hi there, I'm new and I'll be starting my IB next year. I'm super excited, my only problem is that I can't decide on my subjects. I originally planned to take Ma SL, Eng SL, Spa B SL, German HL, Bio HL and History HL. But than everybody I asked told me how terribly hard History HL was going to be. Since then I considered either substituting History HL with Economics HL (although I haven't really done Eco yet it seems very useful to me) or taking Spanish HL and History SL. It's kind of a decision between reason and passion lol So, basically, my questions are: - Is History HL as
  16. Hey guys, I'm facing a little problem with my History's Internal Assessment. I just started the Diploma approx. 2 months ago and I think now it's the best moment to know some opinions about it. My topic is: The Influence of J. Rockefeller's Legacy in the Great Depression My investigation question is: To what extent was J. Rockefeller's legacy important at facing the United States economical redevelopment after the Great Depression to the New Deal's beginning? In this regard, what do you think? What shall I do to improve it? Please! make any suggestion or even criticize it haha..
  17. Hi y'all, I was wondering whether this would be a sufficiently narrowed down IA focus question for my History higher level IA: To what extent did American intervention in the Afghan war against the Soviet Union lead to the development of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda? Please let me know your thoughts on this. What are some changes I could make to make this a stronger question? Thanks!!
  18. Hey all, I was thinking of doing my history IA on how cold war gave birth to modern terrorism (especially groups such as the Taliban). I don't know how good a topic this is and I would love to have your suggestions. Thanks!!
  19. Hi! I'm starting my final year of IB and I was wondering if you guys had any tips about notes or how to prepare for the exams at the end of the year...
  20. Hi, I just had my paper 3 but i think i misread a question i answered. I obviously can't tell the question yet but here is something similar: How did (name) do something between 2040-2050? In class we never did anything before 2050 so i assumed it would be what we had learned. Will this be a big problem and will I fail my paper 3 because of this? help please im desperate
  21. How was it for you guys? I am TZ2 and I chose propaganda topic and how did the WW2 influanced the society. It was better than I thought.
  22. So I've recently started my IA, and I was just wondering how many sources is a "good amount" of sources to have for this? Hope it's not too much of a dumb question! Thanks
  23. Version .pdf


    Essay on changes imposed by Stalin after 1929. Level 6
  24. Hi guys, so i have already decided on writing a History Extended Essay. Since I live in Asia, specifically South East Asia, i have decided to focus on ASEAN and the Third IndoChina conflict (the one between Cambodia and Vietnam) My topic question is 'To what extent was ASEAN responsible in the withdrawal of Vietnamese troops from Cambodia/Kampuchea in 1991?To what extent was ASEAN responsible in the withdrawal of Vietnamese troops from Cambodia/Kampuchea in 1991?' I have split the essay into sections/paragraphs but i am finding it difficult to write the introduction & start my essay. Some
  25. I've been looking at the HL Markscheme for History and I notice that the easiest additional element to incorporate in an essay would be to "show a high level of conceptual ability." Alright, now may I ask you all dearly, what is this conceptual ability? Can I get some examples? My teacher tells me that I ought to think in frameworks but I don't really understand what he means. My exams are in May 2015 and we're going to start doing daily essays in two months or so and I am scared that I will not do so well because I know all my facts but when the time comes understanding the criteria I think w
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