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Undecided major between engineering/materials science and medicine -> Should I take Math AA HL or Chem HL?


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Hi there,

I'm currently about to start the IB diploma program, and I still undecided on my major; thus I've selected my subjects to keep things open. The two main options in my mind are medicine (in my country) or engineering/materials science (in the UK). My logic was as follows:

I want Physics HL because its useful for engineering and I enjoy it.
Chemistry HL is generally recommended for medicine (but its NOT required in my country)
As for math, I want the calculus especially for the engineering, but with 2 sciences at HL, I prefer it to be AA SL.

Now, with the year about to start, I'm beginning to doubt my choices. I'm thinking of lowering the Chemistry and raising the math AA to HL. 
I would appreciate some insight into the difficulty of each (Chem HL and Math AA HL) and the usefulness of each.

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