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Grade 9 IB entrance help


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Hey! I'm going to attend grade 8 in the fall! I live in Ontario, Canada. I'm not sure how to prepare for the IB entrance exams that will come up during my 8th grade year as I want to do IB in high school. I'm freaking out over how to prepare because I want to make it in. If you guys have any tips for me on what to practice or study or how you got into MYP IB in 8th grade, that would be so helpful!

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Hiiii! Sorry I'm a bit late
I really don't know how to help you because in my school IB is mandatory so we didn't take any exams, we pretty much just were in the program, but I finished myp this year and my general tips for exams (idk how the entrance exams are but I truly hope this helps) would be:

  • Learn the IB command terms (google them up and make sure you understand them and the differences between one and another)
  • Don't just study for the exams but rather to learn and acquire skills, just in case you are very nervous or something on the exams day, if you practiced for a long term hold of the information you'll be prepared better than if you just studied for the exam, as you may forget important info. There are many videos and resources online to teach you methods to retain information better!
  • Search up practice questions online (most of them are for the DP) but if you search well enough I bet you'll find some guiding questions, you can also use past papers from school to remember the stuff you've already learned, even if it's not IB
  • Be very specific and clear; if you have to explain or support and answer, you need to use well-developed arguments, try to use different points of view (if possible) and use as many examples and details as you can (without being redundant) 
  • Last but probably the most important, don't memorize stuff just because, make sure you understand it because most IB questions are about application and comprehension (specially in unknown contexts) rather than multiple choice 


Best of lucks! I hope you get into the program :) 

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