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Advice: Which IB classes should I take for a Business/Commerce majors at top UK Universities?


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I have to confirm my IB subjects very soon as I will be going to grade 10, right now my subjects are: HL: Business Management, Math AA, Design Technology, SL: Visual art, Chinese B, Language and literature. However, my strong suit is not in math, I would be more confident in doing a humanities subject. I am not sure if I should keep to these subjects because I want to study business management or commerce (but pretty flexible) in the UK but they do not all require math. However, at top unis the requirements are mostly math HL a grade 7/7 for majors like economics or finance. I want to aim for some top universities, despite my major, would it be worth it to choose at math HL if I am not particularly good at it or change my HL subjects to business, econ and design (as it may be more manageable) ? Do you have any advice on what I should do? Thank you so much!

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