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FREE Extended Essay Topic Suggestions (up to 3 ideas)


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Yo IBees, 

Guess what? I stumbled upon this legit goldmine where you can snag 3 dope topic ideas with research Qs and lil’ blurbs for each, all from IB gurus – fo' FREE! 🤯

I played wingman for my homies and scored these ideas not once, but TWICE (pro tip: switch up the email addy, they only let you have one go at it).

For all you peeps straining your brain cells looking for those killer extended essay ideas, this is a game changer.


Here’s an insider tip: Pour your heart and soul into that form and drop them all the deets about what you’re looking for. The more you spill, the better they can tailor that goodness to fit you like a glove.

Fingers crossed this saves someone’s day 🤞

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